Reservation Fee Schedule

Room/Type Of Reservation Pricing
Residence Hall Room $30/night, per person

Double Room

per person

Single Room

$40/night, per person- Double in a Suite $50/night, per person- Single in a Suite
Classroom $25/hour      
Computer Lab $75/hour      
Science 103 Conference Room $50/hour      
Science 102 (Lecture Hall) $75/hour      
Tabling in Designated Lobbies Free unless additional set up work is needed, which would be $10/hour      
Mall or other Grounds Area $75/hour      
Table and Chair Use for an On Campus Event $50/hour      
Performing Arts Center (PAC) $100/hour *      
Kilburn Main Dining Hall $150/hour      
Kilburn Conference Room $50/hour      
Clipper Lounge $50/hour      
Reynolds Center Conference Room $75/hour      
Basketball Court Birthday Party Package **

Maximum: 50 people

Member Price: $125 Non-Member: $150    
Pool Birthday Party Package *** Maximum: 20 people Member Price: $125 Non-Member: $150    
Pool 1 Hour Single Lane Rental During Open Hours: Up to three single lanes available for rental at one time during open hours Member and Non-Member Price: $25      
Pool 1 Hour Single Lane Rental During Closed Hours Member and Non-Member Price: $50 per lane/hour      
Entire Pool Rental During Open Hours Member: $100/hour Non-Member: $125/hour School Group (3 open lanes and/or shallow end): $75  
Entire Pool Rental During Closed Hours Member, Non-Member, and School Group: $250/hour      
Basketball Court Rental Member and Non-Member: $100/hour School Group: $50/hour    
Classroom, Lower Gym, and Fitness Studio Member and Non-Member: $25/hour      

* Additional fees may be applicable in relation to technology assistance, damages or excessive cleaning.

** Includes 1 hour of basketball court time and 1 hour of party room time. Food and drinks are not allowed in the basketball court. 

*** Include 1-hour of pool time and 1 hour of party room time. Party packages do not include the use of the gymnasium.

Most of our classrooms are equipped with LCD projectors, screens and chalkboards or white boards.