Updating Personal Information

Official Name Changes

A student who wishes to change his/her legal name in UMS’ Student Information System must provide a copy (via mail, fax or email) of one of the following documents showing the new name:

  • Social Security card or Social Insurance Card (if previously on record)
  • State driver’s license or state issued photo ID
  • Passport
  • Military identification card
  • Other legal name change documentation showing new name and former name

Please note:  Marriage certificates will not be accepted as name change documentation.

Preferred/Chosen Name

The University recognizes that many members of its community use names other than their legal names.  For some students and employees, a chosen or preferred name may be an important component of their identity.  Therefore, the University has established this policy which allows students and employees to indicate their preferred or chosen names to the University community even if they have not changed their legal names.

View UMS Name Usage Policy


To enter a Preferred/Chosen Name in MaineStreet:

  • Go to Mainestreet.
  • Navigate to your Student Center.
  • Select the link labelled “Demographic Data” under “Personal Information.”
  • Select the “Names” tab.
  • Click the green “Edit” button.
  • Add or change your Preferred/Chosen Name.

Email Account Name Change

Changes to official name in MaineStreet or adding a Preferred/Chosen Name will not have any effect on the maine.edu User Name and password.  To submit a change to the maine.edu email address, go to:  UMS User Account Management and select Change Your UMS User Account User Name.

Change of Address/Phone

Students must update their off-campus address and phone information in MaineStreet or report any changes in contact information promptly to the Office of Student Records.  It is not necessary to notify Student Records regarding residence hall changes.

The University accepts no liability for inability to contact students in an emergency if current contact information has not been reported.

Students who wish to declare a formal change of gender may submit a Request to Change Gender in MaineStreet  to the Registrar’s Office.