Enrollment Holds

Students can view holds in the Student Center in MaineStreet.

Students are blocked from enrollment if:

In order to remove the hold, students should contact:

  • The Vice President of Academic Affairs for academic holds by calling (202)255.1210
  • The Business Office for financial holds by calling (207)255.1312
  • UMM Student Life by calling (207)255.1305 for immunization holds
  • An item for the Financial Terms and Conditions has been added to your MaineStreet To-Do list.  Your access to enroll has been put on hold until this to-do item is completed.  Please navigate to the To-Do List on your MaineStreet Student Center and select Financial Terms and Conditions to view and acknowledge receipt of the statement.  The registration hold will be removed immediately upon completion.  View the full text of the UMS Student Financial Terms and Conditions.