Course Withdrawal


From the end of the add/drop period until 75% of the term or session has passed, a Course Withdrawal form must be completed by the student. Students should obtain both instructor’s and advisor’s signatures and submit form to the Office of the Registrar. Grades of “W” are issued for withdrawals and do not affect the student’s grade point average, though they may affect financial aid.


Except in unusual circumstances, and with the approval of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, a student may not withdraw from a course after the 75% point of the term. Students can also see the Drop and Withdrawal deadline for any class by clicking on the Calendar icons on their MaineStreet Class Schedule.

Requests for Exceptions

Students requesting permission to withdraw from a course after the final withdrawal deadline must submit a letter to the Vice President for Academic Affairs explaining the extenuating circumstances which prevented the student from withdrawing by the 75% point. This letter should be submitted with the Course Withdrawal form described above. In cases of medical emergency, a letter from the attending physician should also be attached. The Vice President for Academic Affairs may approve or deny this request.

Semester Withdrawal

Students intending to withdraw from all classes for a given semester must complete the appropriate section of an official Semester Withdrawal form, whether or not they intend to return the following semester. Students intending to return must obtain their advisor’s signature, while those who do not intend to return must meet with the Academic Advising Coordinator (Student Services Center, second floor of Powers Hall). Withdrawal forms and all attachments should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, who will forward to the Vice President for Academic Affairs for a decision, if necessary.

Students who leave classes/university and do not complete an official withdrawal form are liable to suffer academic penalties (i.e. failing grades and ultimate suspension or dismissal). Students desiring to withdraw after the 75% point should attach a letter as described above to the withdrawal form.

Semester withdrawal results in grades of “W” in all courses that have not already been graded for that semester.