Many courses have prerequisites, or courses that need to be completed prior to the course in question. Students should check the Course Descriptions to identify course prerequisites.

The prerequisite rules assume that you will pass the courses in which you are currently enrolled. If you later fail a course which is a prerequisite for a later course, your registration may be dropped for failure to meet the required prerequisite(s).

If you think the prerequisite rules are missing some important information about your record, or don’t seem to recognize the course you’ve taken as a prerequisite, call or email the Registrar’s Office (207-255-1223 or and we will check into the situation.

In general, the minimum prerequisite for enrollment in University courses is the high school diploma or equivalent. Certain courses may have prerequisites in the form of prior courses. Anyone who does not meet general or specific course prerequisites may be permitted to enroll in certain courses based on work experience or other qualifications, with permission of the instructor. Course descriptions and course prerequisites are available in MaineStreet Class Search, from the Registrar’s Office, or the UMaine Machias ITV Office (for UMaine Machias Distance Education courses). High school students may enroll in certain courses, based on their qualifications. Students should work through their high school guidance counselors to find out more about UMaine Machias’ Early College program.

There are no prerequisites for enrollment in non-credit courses.

A person need not apply for admission or be accepted in a UMaine Machias degree program in order to enroll in courses. Such non-degree registration, however, is limited to eight credits per semester.

Permission Numbers

If you don’t have the needed prerequisite(s), but DO have the instructor’s permission, ask the professor to give you a Permission Number for the class.  You will need to include the Permission Number on the first page of the MaineStreet Enrollment process.  If you have already put the class on your Wish List, remove the class from your Wish List and add it again, adding the Permission Number in the box provided.

If you choose to seek the instructor’s signature instead of a Permission Number, you will need to bring an add/drop slip with the instructor’s signature to the Registrar’s Offie for processing. You will also need to include your semester PIN number or your advisor’s signature on the form.