On Campus Catering

Sodexo online ordering and Flavours Guide

Guidelines and Restrictions

All food served on the UMaine Machias campus must be provided by Sodexo, the University’s food service provider. Sodexo will coordinate all catering and food service requests for events held on campus by external groups.

Food service may include, but is not limited to, continental or full breakfasts, light luncheons, bag lunches, light refreshments, dinners and banquets (served or buffet), receptions, and hors d’oeuvres. Full bar service also is available in some campus facilities.

All catering and food service requests must be scheduled at least two (2) weeks in advance by contacting the Sodexo Director, Gail Gordon (gail.gordon@sodexo.com) or at 255-1280.

Guarantee Date

Sodexo does not require deposits or assess cancellation fees. However, event planners must provide in advance a guaranteed number of guests for meals and catering.

Guaranteed numbers must be provided at least two weeks in advance for June, July, and August events. September through May, guaranteed numbers must be provided one week in advance.

Any increase in numbers after the guarantee date may or may not be accommodated, at the discretion of Sodexo.

Pricing and Billing

Your final invoice will be based on your final guaranteed guest count provided or the number of guests in attendance, whichever is greater.

If an event is cancelled and Sodexo is not notified at least one week in advance, the group will be billed for the original number, or a guaranteed number if the original number was increased.

Tax-Exempt Status

Tax-exempt organizations must send a copy of their tax-exempt certificate to Sodexo at least one day before the event. Please fax to 207-255-1208 or email to gail.gordan@sodexo.com