University of Maine at Machias announces fall 2023 Dean’s List

The University of Maine at Machias recognized 100 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the fall 2023 semester. Of the students who made the Dean’s List, 67 are from Maine, 31 are from 17 other states and 2 are from a country other than the U.S.

To be eligible for the full-time Dean’s List, a student must have completed 12 or more calculable credits in the semester and have earned a 3.30 or higher semester GPA. Students who have part-time status during both the fall and spring semesters of a given academic year are eligible for part-time Dean’s List. They must have completed 12 or more calculable credits over both terms and have earned a combined GPA in those terms of 3.30 or higher.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.

Last First
Aiken Elena
Alley Bayleigh
Barnett Kristina
Becker Riley
Boettiger Lannah
Brooks Julian
Brooks Willow
Bunker Issac
Clark Cassidy
Conermann AJ
Corbin Jewels
Crowe Kadie
D’Alessandro Rachel
Deimel Sarah
Downes Tammy
Ferguson Joseph
Ferguson Lydia
Fiore Brooke
Fitzhenry Emma
Furchak Jorja
Gabrielli Chase
Gagliardi Jadyn
Gauvin Debra
Gonzalez Desmond
Gouthro Connor
Griffin Jessica
Hall Samantha
Harris Jennifer
Haskell Ada
Hedden Reilly
Henderson Gracelyn
Henderson Kolby
Hovious Patrick
Hubisz Tristin
Jackson Hunter
Jackson Ian
Jellison Myah
Jonah Alicia
Kelley Matt
Kemler William
Kittell Hayden
Krieger Jaxon
Kyle Dawn
Laliberte Maegen
Landry Kam
Leighton Maggie
Lelu Jonathan
Leslie Jameson
Littlejohn Molly
Marquez Angelica
McGee Shay
McGown Christopher
McNamara Regina
Mcnally Shawnee
Medina Archie
Miller Bev
Mork Elaine
Morrell Ellie
Moulton Mia
Muise Becca
Nichols Matt
Nunan Keane
Oluyeju Aaron
Ortiz-Garcia Dayana
Parks Kendra
Penney Tamara
Piccuito Dom
Radell Caleb
Ramlo Gretchen
Ramsey Cooper
Regan Sarah
Richards Alexis
Richardson Ali
Rollins Mia
Sanford Harley
Sargent Mindy
Saunders Colby
Sawtelle Keaton
Scott Kiesha
Seavey Diane
Smith Abby
Soctomah Emma
Sparhawk Layla
Sparhawk Mercedes
Starke Zak
Sternberg Kalli
Swindler Dylann
Tatarczuk Acre
Thibeault Peighton
Thomas Elaina
Thomas Jasmine
Tingley Veronica
Todd Cori
Trinidad Leilani
Valare Sherry
Warren Jake
Warwick Lillian
Weston Kaylee
Williams Jessica