Spring 2019 Dean’s List announced

The University of Maine at Machias recognized 198 students for achieving Dean’s List honors in the spring 2019 semester. Of the students who made the Dean’s List, 178 are from Maine, 20 are from 11 other states and one student is from a country other than the U.S.

Listed below are students who received Dean’s List honors for spring 2019, completing 6 or more credit hours in the semester and earning a grade point average of 3.25 or higher, with no grade below a C.

Also available is a breakdown of the Dean’s List organized by Maine counties.

Please note that some students have requested that their information not be released; therefore, their names are not included.


Last First Name City State Country
Allen Abbey North Monmouth ME USA
Alley Hannah Addison ME USA
Ampungan Savannah Eastport ME USA
Andreucci Antonio Eastport ME USA
Arcuri Savanna Harwinton CT USA
Atherton Cameron New Milford CT USA
Atkinson Kate East Machias ME USA
Atkinson Spencer East Machias ME USA
Bailey Melissa Windham ME USA
Barnes Kiwi Steuben ME USA
Bassett Brianna Robbinston ME USA
Bassett Jasmine Perry ME USA
Bassett Patrick Robbinston ME USA
Beal Keisha Milbridge ME USA
Bell Rachel Edmunds Twp ME USA
Benner Michael Cherryfield ME USA
Bickford Rena Steuben ME USA
Black Kristie Winterport ME USA
Blake Alex Denmark ME USA
BlanchardBeal Tricia Cherryfield ME USA
Blyther Teresa East Machias ME USA
Boies Sara Baileyville ME USA
Boone Victoria Pembroke ME USA
Bradbury Nicolas Eastport ME USA
Brittain Sterling Danforth ME USA
Brooks Alicen Machias ME USA
Brooks Jolene Marshfield ME USA
Candelario Alondra Thousand Oaks CA USA
Carney Heather Cherryfield ME USA
Carter Hanna Harrington ME USA
Carver Hannah Cutler ME USA
Cavanaugh Sarah Calais ME USA
Chandler Amanda Addison ME USA
Chase Aquila Monson ME USA
Chasse Amber Ashland ME USA
Collins Gary Kenduskeag ME USA
Cooke Bobbi Baileyville ME USA
Coover Paul Medway ME USA
Cote Megan Ashland ME USA
Cropley Carrie Baileyville ME USA
Crowley Kaitlynn Beals Island ME USA
Cushing Cara Whitneyville ME USA
Davenport Evan Machias ME USA
Davenport Reagan Machias ME USA
Davis Amber Addison ME USA
Davis Brielle East Machias ME USA
DeLauney Chloe Milford ME USA
Demarest Shannon Marshfield ME USA
Diegelman Stephen Perry NY USA
Diehlmann Claire Eastport ME USA
Dolley Tate Machias ME USA
Doughty Morgan Ashland ME USA
Dow Trever Fairfield ME USA
Draper Brooke Jonesport ME USA
Drew Brittney Alexander ME USA
Duenas Allen Machiasport ME USA
Duval Andrew Plainfield CT USA
Dzbynski Danni Arundel ME USA
Fairchild Tammy Lubec ME USA
Faloon Rachel West Bath ME USA
Farris Kerriann Cutler ME USA
Ferguson Keshia Ellsworth ME USA
Galka Chloe Tiverton RI USA
Gallanti Daniel Eastport ME USA
Gallanti Teresa Eastport ME USA
Garvin Mae Trescott Twp ME USA
Gillespie Harleigh New Gloucester ME USA
Gillotti Toni Houlton ME USA
Girard Michaela East Machias ME USA
Goodrich Bob Whiting ME USA
Gray Zack Lewiston ME USA
Griffin Josie Machias ME USA
Guinard Samantha Ashby MA USA
Guptill Tracy Marshfield ME USA
Halperin Sarah Machias ME USA
Hatt Alexis Jonesport ME USA
Hatt Whitney Marshfield ME USA
Haupt Berlynn Franklin ME USA
Hayward Max Calais ME USA
Hayward Terri Calais ME USA
Helms Alex Poland ME USA
Henderson Mindy Machias ME USA
Hendricks Colleen Wiscasset ME USA
Hernandez Thania Gouldsboro ME USA
Hewes Jeremy Carroll Plt ME USA
Hinkley Kylie Jonesport ME USA
Hoche Sarah Perry ME USA
Hodgdon Summer Dennysville ME USA
Hopkins Connor Cape Neddick ME USA
Hopkins Michelle Calais ME USA
Hubert Sherry Houlton ME USA
Jamieson Monica Pembroke ME USA
Jellison Brynn Cherryfield ME USA
Johnson Dawn Orleans MA USA
Johnson Joan Machias ME USA
Johnston Kati Whitneyville ME USA
Jones Emma Augusta ME USA
Justo Abbey Machiasport ME USA
Knights Katie Cutler ME USA
Kostovick Colleen Greenwood ME USA
Lancia Elana Pittsburgh PA USA
Lane Carol Eastport ME USA
Lank Ethan Perry ME USA
Lara Isamar Milbridge ME USA
Lee Hailey Pembroke ME USA
Lewey Irene Pleasant Point ME USA
Libby Chelsi Addison ME USA
Lincoln Damon Baileyville ME USA
Lisee Kirsten Milbridge ME USA
Logan Lucas Jewett City CT USA
Look Keenan Roque Bluffs ME USA
Love ChaiNa Milford ME USA
Lyons Bonnie Lubec ME USA
Lyons Caitlyn Lubec ME USA
Lyons Richard Lubec ME USA
Mahanor Anna Auburn ME USA
Maillet Danielle Columbia ME USA
Manco Kurt Neptune NJ USA
Mayhue Shawn Holden ME USA
McClure Michaela Machiasport ME USA
McFadden Gail Dennysville ME USA
McMahon Sally Machias ME USA
Mcphail Emma Hancock ME USA
Mele Cassie Harrington ME USA
Merriam Jamie San Jose CA USA
Miller Avis Princeton ME USA
Miller Ciara Belgrade ME USA
Milliken Jessica Jonesport ME USA
Mitchell Lynn Pleasant Point ME USA
Mooers Krystal Edmunds Twp ME USA
Morris Aaron Charlotte ME USA
Morrison Stephen Perry ME USA
Mostafa Abdalla Muscat Oman
Mushlit Skyler Manchester ME USA
Nally Hannah Penhook VA USA
Nally Ian Cabot VT USA
Nguyen Tangie Calais ME USA
Otto Kalyn Machias ME USA
Ouellette Nicole Windsor Locks CT USA
Park KwiNam Machiasport ME USA
Parker Emma Worcester MA USA
Peterson Tracey Harrington ME USA
Phipps Angleana Machias ME USA
Pingree Nigel East Machias ME USA
Pingree Pamela East Machias ME USA
Pontbriand Kate Bar Harbor ME USA
Pratt Craig Corbin KY USA
Preston Holly Perry ME USA
Proctor Caroline Eddington ME USA
Qudus Abdul Robinston ME USA
Ray-Smith Tommy Milbridge ME USA
Remington Lauren Calais ME USA
Reynolds Caitlin Columbia ME USA
Reynolds Nick Deblois ME USA
Richards Nikita Perry ME USA
Richardson Allie Marshfield ME USA
Rideout Jaclyn Mattawamkeag ME USA
Riggin Trevor Machias ME USA
Rittenhouse Will Addison ME USA
Roden Mckenna West Columbia SC USA
Rodrick Melissa Perry ME USA
Rodriguez-Vazquez Juana Milbridge ME USA
Rogers Emma Eastbrook ME USA
Ross Ambrosia Pembroke ME USA
Royle Tyler Minot ME USA
Russet Seamus Milbridge ME USA
Sachs Lauren East Machias ME USA
Sanborn Nick Standish ME USA
Sawyer Kellie Machias ME USA
Scarlett Kevin Baileyville ME USA
Schoppee Ciara Machias ME USA
Sebastiao Tia East Machias ME USA
Seeley Amy Presque Isle ME USA
Shelley Jill Jackman ME USA
Slicer Betty Lubec ME USA
Smith Carol Jonesport ME USA
Spinney Rachel Casco ME USA
Sprague Jenessa Jonesboro ME USA
Sprague Lydia Marshfield ME USA
Steiger Savannah Harrington ME USA
Stevens Trent Perry ME USA
Stewart Molly Stetson ME USA
Stover Erica Cherryfield ME USA
Stubbs Jessica Addison ME USA
Swain Dea Lubec ME USA
Tapley Beth Biddeford ME USA
Tickle Michael Calais ME USA
Tirrell Faith Robbinston ME USA
Wallace Lauren Jonesboro ME USA
Ward Josh Winthrop ME USA
Ward Seth Wiscasset ME USA
Watson Nancy Alfred ME USA
White Britney Jonesboro ME USA
Wilson Allison Old Town ME USA
Woodard Leah Gardiner ME USA
Woodruff Charlene Baileyville ME USA
Yates Angela Princeton ME USA