Over $78,750 in scholarship awards presented at UMM Honors Convocation

Colleen Kostovick was selected by her peers to be the 2019 Ivy Orator

The University of Maine at Machias held its annual Honors Convocation ceremony on April 24, presenting over $78,750 in scholarships and awards to students in recognition of their academic achievements. Opening the ceremony was President Joan Ferrini-Mundy, who thanked students, faculty and staff for their contributions to the university’s success. She noted that the event marks the beginning of two weeks of celebration at UMM, followed by the 108th Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, May 12.

UMM Head of Campus Andy Egan introduced this year’s Ivy Orator, graduating senior Colleen Kostovick. In her speech, the biology major compared UMM’s thriving academic community to a healthy pine forest. “They’ve grown together, matured together, and now represent a vibrant, collective group that stands stronger because of the unity you find in an untouched forest,” said Kostovick, who also will speak on behalf of the graduating class at Commencement.

Awards were presented for achievements in arts and letters, environmental and biological sciences, psychology and community studies, education and professional studies. Students also presented several awards to faculty members. Those honored were:

Chenoweth Hall Scholarship 1. Mary Marble 2. Alayna Brown
Connie Maxell Scholarship 1. Kevin Scarlett 2. Nigel Pingree
Disabilities in Youth Senior Award Mindy Henderson
ECB Book Arts Award Bob Goodrich
Ethel “Billie” Wilson Gammon Scholarship 1. Carol Smith 2. Keenan Look
IFA Awards Alayna Brown, Berlynn Haupt, Praise Moore
IFA Book Arts Award Michelle Scarlett & Praise Moore
IFA Senior Awards for Excellence in Visual Arts Harleigh Gillespie
Jack Armstrong Behavioral Science Award Teresa Gallanti
IFA Music Career award Ryan Gonzalez, Summer Hodgdon
IFA Music Year Awards Claire Diehlmann, Jeffrey Moore
IFA Music Senior Award Jeremy Hewes
Maine NEW Leadership Institute Dawn Johnson
Maine Policy Scholar for UMM Jeffrey Moore
Norman W. Duzen Scholarship Cara Cushing
Outstanding First-Year Psychology and Community Studies Award Emma Jones
Outstanding Senior Applied Psychology Award Brett Electra Devlin
Outstanding Senior Community Studies Award Amber Rose Davis
Peter J and Carmella R NeCastro Creative Writing Scholarship Alondra Candelario
Arthur S. and Frances A. Buswell Scholarship Sarah Halperin
Augustus W Young and Ruth A Young Scholarship 1. Celia Jellison 2. Hannah Carver 3. Lydia Sprague 4. Morgan Rolfe 5. Jodi Look 6. Caitlyn Lyons
First-Year Biologist Award Elana Lancia
First-Year Chemistry Award Richard Lyons
First-Year Marine Biology Award Molly Stewart & Sarah Halperin
John H. Joseph Memorial Scholarship Colleen Hendricks
Muriel and Kermit Kraus Memorial Scholarship 1. Skyler Mushlit 2. Aquila Chase 3. Daniel Gallanti
St. Croix Valley Merit Scholarship for Women Sara Johnson
Augustus W Young and Ruth A Young Scholarship 1. Michelle Hopkins 2. Roseann Kowal 3. Angela Yates 4. Sara Cavanaugh 5. Jenessa Sprague 6. Aaron Morris
Elizabeth DeShon Tibbetts Trust Fund 1. Paige Austin 2. Smita Martin 3. Jordan Guilmette
Elsie A. and Richard C. Larson Scholarship 1. Tate Dolly 2. Jeffrey Moore
Ethel “Billie” Wilson Gammon Scholarship 1. Carol Smith 2. Nicholas Birtz
Frederic A. & Norma P. Reynolds Scholarship 1. Ethan Chute 2. Nathan Carver
Hugh Drisko Scholarship Michael Benner
Joan M Getchell Memorial Scholarship Hanna Carter
Lincoln & Alice Sennett Memorial Scholarship Michelle Hopkins
Norman W. Duzen Scholarship Nicholas Birtz
Outstanding Senior in Business & Entrepreneurial Studies Award Cassie Mele
Penobscot County Conservation Assoc. Award Nick Sanborn, Brynn Jellison, Tracy Guptill
Percy & Frances Allen Scholarship Kaylyn Brown
Recreation Freshman of the Year Award Abbey Allen
St. Croix Valley Merit Scholarship for Women Jenessa Sprague
Virginia S. Cheney Excellence in Teaching Award Claire Diehlmann & Tangie Forcier Nguyen
Vonetta Chipman Smith Memorial Scholarship 1. Thania Hernandez 2. Juana Rodriquez-Vazquez
W. Allan McCracken Scholarship 1. Michelle Hopkins 2. Carol Smith 3. Ivy Robinson
AFUM Scholarship Skyler Mushlet, Jillian Dow and Jeffery Moore
Amy Pinkham Scholarship Berlynn Haupt
Bath Iron Works Scholarship 1. Lexi Daggett 2. Dea Swain
Blanche Shain Palmer Memorial Scholarship Ryan Mola
Buford L. and Alice B. Grant Scholarship 1. ChaiNa Love 2. Avery Davis
Edna L. Higgins Scholarship 1. Nick Sandborn 2. Dani Dzbynski
Gladys Wilbur Scholarship 1. Victoria Boone 2. Samantha Wilder
Irene Hibbs Scholarship Tracy Guptill
Kristof Kovacs Scholarship Elias Reyes
Lighthouse Keepers Memorial Scholarship Shannon Demarest
Nathan C. & Dorothy W. Burbank Scholarship 1. Molly Stewart 2. Hannah Martel 3. Leah Woodward 4. Ethan Lank 5. Avis Miller 6. Ambrosia Ross 7. Chloe Delauney 8. Abigayle Hopkins 9. Cara Cushing 10. John Galvin
Nathan Turk Memorial Scholarship Dawn Johnson
Rebecca H. Perry Scholarship Elias Reyes
Robert B. Maxell Scholarship Nick Reynolds
Sunrise Senior College Scholarship Sharon Davenport
UMM Alumni Association Scholarship 1. Terri Hayward 2. Megan Cote
Omicron Delta Pi Scholarship Ambrosia Ross
Senior Watch Awards Josie Griffin, Dorsey Hill
Frederic A. Reynolds Faculty Award Eric Jones
Unsung Hero Staff Award Jacob Hanley
Senior Class Marshal Dan Gardner
Gift to UMM – One time scholarship to two rising seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the UMM community. Scholarship for two rising seniors
Ivy Oration Colleen Kostovick