UMM 2018 Honors Convocation

UMM Presents over $71,000 in Scholarship Awards at Honors Convocation

The University of Maine at Machias held its annual Honors Convocation on April 25 and presented more than $71,000 in scholarships and awards. The event was held in the campus Performing Arts Center and featured a welcome message from Susan Hunter, President of University of Maine and University of Maine at Machias.

Hunter noted that the event kicks off two weeks of events to celebrate “our collective efforts, our shared mission, and our pride in this university and the difference it makes.” Upcoming events include Celebrate UMM, the Senior Dinner, and UMM’s 107th commencement on May 13 at 2 pm.

Ryan Economy is UMM’s 2017 Ivy Orator. In Economy’s introduction, Kimball described him as a compassionate leader with infectious energy and a well-developed sense of fun. In his convocation speech, Economy described the depth of the relationships he’s formed during his years in college by recounting stories of personal experiences with faculty, staff, and other students.

Awards were presented for academic achievement in arts and letters, environmental and biological sciences and professional studies. The class of 2018 presented UMM with a stone sculpture of a ship’s wheel.

Students honored were:

Norman W. Duzen Scholarship, Kirsten Chandler Lisee; Ethel “Billie” Wilson Gammon Scholarship, Mindy Jo Henderson and Keenan Noyes Look; Connie Maxell Scholarship, Nigel Pingree; Chenoweth Hall Scholarship, Mary Marble and Brett Leighton; IFA Senior Awards for Excellence in Visual Arts, Chance Peterson and Kristin King; Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Award, Harleigh Gillespie; Interdisciplinary Fine Arts Book Arts Award, Michelle Scarlett; ECB Book Arts Award, Kevin Scarlett and Bob Goodrich; Peter J and Carmella R NeCastro Creative Writing Scholarship, Cara Cushing; Jack Armstrong Behavioral Science Award, Dawn Johnson; Outstanding Senior Applied Psychology Award, Kali Alley; Outstanding Senior Community Studies Award, Victor Flores; Outstanding First-Year Psychology and Community Studies Award, Claire Webster; Disabilities in Youth Senior Award, Troy Lee; Udall Undergraduate Scholarship, Native American Health Care, Ponuwon Wocuhsis Brodeur; Muriel and Kermit Kraus Memorial Scholarship, Brittany Bills, Kareana Lupe, Skylar Mushlit and Summer Hodgdon; Arthur S. and Frances A. Buswell Scholarship, Hannah Barnhart; John H. Joseph Memorial Scholarship, Colleen Hendricks; St. Croix Valley Merit Scholarship for Women, Tasha Cushing; Augustus  W Young and Ruth A Young Scholarship, Alayna Caricofe, Morgan Rolfe, Jodi Look, Ciara Schoppee and Andrew Howland; Milton Fuller Memorial Scholarship, Katelin Doughty; First-Year Chemistry Award, Skylar Mushlit; First-Year Biologist Award, Caitlyn Lyons and Katelin Doughty; First-Year Marine Biology Award, Aqula Chase, Dan Gallanti and Andrew Duval Jr; Joan M Getchell Memorial Scholarship, Heather Carney; Outstanding Senior in Business & Entrepreneurial Studies Award, Jillian Ellen Taylor; Elsie A. and Richard C. Larson Scholarship, Jeff Moore; Penobscot County Conservation Assoc. Award, Josh Ward, Sterling Britain and Kayla Cater; Recreation Freshman of the Year Award, Tracy Guptill; Virginia S. Cheney Excellence in Teaching Award, Alexa Harrison; Frances Robinson Memorial Scholarship, Colleen Kostovick; Lincoln & Alice Sennett Memorial Scholarship, Claire Diehlmann; Ethel “Billie” Wilson Gammon Scholarship,  Nicholas Birtz and Jenessa Sprague; Vonetta Chipman Smith Memorial Scholarship, Thania Hermandez and Juana Rodriguez-Vazquez; Percy & Frances Allen Scholarship, Kaitlynn Crowley; W. Allan McCracken Scholarship, Michelle Hopkins and Claire Diehlmann; Hugh Drisko Scholarship, Aaron Morris; Frederic A. & Norma P. Reynolds Scholarship, Carol Smith and Brittney Church; Augustus  W Young and Ruth A Young Scholarship, Seaira Robinson, Angela Yates, Santana Perry, Juana Rodriguez-Vazquez, Sara Cavanaugh, Allison Richardson and Tracy Stevens; St. Croix Valley Merit Scholarship for Women, Hailey Lee; Elizabeth DeShon Tibbetts Trust Fund, Lydia Sprague, Sasha Crowley, Ivy Robinson, Paige Wentworth, Rana Turchi, Gabrielle Brown, Addison Michaud and Danica Chadwick; Norman W. Duzen Scholarship, Michael Benner; AFUM Scholarships, Hannah Barnhart, Colleen Kostovick, and Charlie (Chantal Johanne) Whitman; Bath Iron Works Scholarship, Tommy Ray-Smith; Buford L. and Alice B. Grant Scholarship, Erika Mahar and Keriann Farris; Edna L. Higgins Scholarship, Joseph Shaw and Makaila Flanagan; Lighthouse Keepers Memorial Scholarship, Rena Bickford; Robert B. Maxell Scholarship, Morgan Rolfe and Brooke Ashley Draper; Rebecca H. Perry Scholarship, Dorsey Hill; Amy Pinkham Scholarship, Hunter Morris; Nathan Turk Memorial Scholarship, Kayla Cosmo; Gladys Wilbur Scholarship, Tasha Cushing and Ponuwon Wocuhsis Brodeur; Nathan C. & Dorothy W. Burbank Scholarship, Harleigh Gillespie, Alex Carpenter, Atrica Emerson, Tracy Guptill, Kurt Manco, Bonnie Lyons, McKenna Roden, Colleen Hendricks, Ian Nally and Jillian Dow; Alumni Association Annual Scholarship, Tracy Stevens; Alumni Assoc Endowed Scholarship, Amber Davis; Irene Hibbs Scholarship, Tangie Forcier and Kellie Sawyer, Blanche Shain Palmer Memorial Scholarship, Ryan Gonzalez; Sunrise Senior College Scholarship,  Jeremy Hewes; Phi Tau Phi Scholarship In Memory of Asia Wells,  Sirona Carifio; Omicron Delta Pi  Scholarship, Berlyn Haupt; Frederic A. Reynolds Faculty Award, Sherrie Sprangers; Unsung Hero Staff Award, Dan Gardner; Senior Class Marshal, Eric Jones; Senior Watch Awards, Olivia Streit and Austin Cyr.