Sandi Bryand Donates Artwork to UMM

Two new artworks have arrived on campus at the University of Maine at Machias. Both donated by Machias resident, Sandi Bryand, the sculptures are in place by the pond at the center of campus.

One sculpture, metal work by Peter Jackson, a piece called “Ta Da,” is suggestive of an anchor and serves as a nod to the seafaring heritage of the region. The other, by Ray Murphy of Hancock, is a chainsaw sculpture of an angel. Bryand purchased both pieces directly from the artists before donating them to the university.

“Art is a way that we express ourselves and our feelings. Public art shows that there’s deep thinking in a community,” says Bryand. “I knew that UMM would take care of these pieces and display them. It’s part of their role to be a home for positive, community messages like this.”

Bryand learned the importance of philanthropy from her parents, Anita and Edward T. Bryand, who made sizable contributions to institutions they cared about. When both passed away in 2000, within months of each other, their legacy made it possible for Sandi Bryand to purchase multiple works of art, including the two sculptures.

“This is such a generous gift,” says UMM Head of Campus, Kay Kimball. “The university is always proud to be a place where local art is showcased, and we are happy to serve as a long-term home for these two pieces.”

Bryand hopes that having the sculptures on campus will lead students to further explore what the area has to offer. “I would love it if students were inspired by local art and artists to become curious about what else Machias has to offer.”