How to Search for Classes on Mainestreet

1) Go to your Student Center (See “How to Log In to MaineStreet” for further instruction).

2) In the upper right, click this button:

3) Once on the Search for Classes page, be sure to choose the correct campus and term:

4) You may search by course subject and course number:


If you know the class subject you are looking for, type in the three-letter code. Clicking the Select Subject button will open up an alphabetical listing of all subjects and their corresponding codes. If you know the course number, you may put that in as well.

5) Additional search criteria are also available, such as start and end times and days of the week:

6) If you are looking to search by General Education Requirements, then you need to use these two search criteria:


Course Attribute allows you to choose the University of Maine (versus any of the other campuses). In Course Attribute Value, you can choose any of the General Education Requirements.

7) Click on the Search button:

8) Explore the search results!