How to Read Your Degree Progress Report

1) Student name

2) Student’s ID

3) This date shows when the student began their undergraduate career at the University of Maine

4) This shows what college the student is currently enrolled in and what semester they began in that college

5) This shows the student’s major as well as what semester they declared that major

6) The labels the following General Education Category

7) The Science Requirement has an Option A or B – Option A is for students who take two lab-based science classes and Option B is for students who take one lab-based and one non-lab-based science class

8) This category is marked as Satisfied, a course has been taken that fulfills this requirement

9) The information in the outlined boxes tells

a) the term the course was completed,

b) the course subject and catalog number

c) the course title

d) grade received

e) how many credits the course was worth

f) whether the course is In Progress, or was Graded, or was a Transfer class

10) This category is marked as Not Satisfied, a no course has been taken which fulfills this requirement