Buying Textbooks

All textbooks are available from the UMaine Machias Online Bookstore.  We offer new, used, rental and e-books for various courses.  Students must have either a credit card or a book voucher to use this site. There are actually 2 ways to determine what books you will need for your classes.  Pick the method that works best for you.  
The easiest way is by logging into your MaineStreet Student Center (Remember to wait 24 hours after email account activation.)  Follow these steps:

  • Go to
  • Log in by using your username and password
  • Across the top drop-down menu, hover over “campus life”
  • Click “Bookstore”
  • Under the “select a term” menu, pick the appropriate semester that is also noted as “Machias”
  • Select the right department of the book you are searching for. The codes will match the letter of your class listing.
  • Select your matching course number
  • Select your correct section number which can be matched up by a section code as well as your assigned professor

The second way is to go to the Online Bookstore from the UMaine Machias website.  Follow these steps:  

  • Go to
  • Hover over the Academics menu
  • Under the “resource” list, choose “bookstore”
  • Follow the remaining instructions above on searching for class materials

**IMPORTANT Things to Remember**

  • Check to see if the books listed are required or only “recommended.”
  • You do not have to buy your books from the UMaine Machias Online Bookstore.  Once you find the ISBN number for each book, you can go to any website to shop for the best deal.  However, your ISBN number must match EXACTLY.  Most books will have two ISBN numbers: an ISBN-10 (10 digits) and an ISBN-13 (13 digits). If you match either one, you should be fine.  This will help to ensure that you get exactly the book that your course instructor wants you to have.