Whether it’s Student Senate, Greek Life or the Outing Club that catches your interest, at UMM you’ll find a variety of social, cultural, athletic, and educational groups to get involved with.

For more information about each student organization, please click the title of the organization.

Don’t see a group that fits your interest? New clubs and organizations are forming all of the time. Stop by the Student Services Office (Powers Hall Room 204) to talk about starting a new organization!

Advocating awareness and acceptance of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and other groups, UMM’s 100% Society is a student organization that supports students and local community members who belong to a gender / sexual minority or have friends or family members who do. UMM’s Student Senate and Office of Student Engagement & Inclusion provide support for the 100% Society and the Gender & Sexual Diversity Resource Center.

President: Charlie Whitman

Meetings: Tuesdays from 5:00pm-6:00pm in Torrey 221

Advisor: Lois-Ann Kuntz

Are you interested in Rainbow Ball Weekend 2019? Check out the Facebook Page for the event!

UMM was highlighted on CollegeCovered for not only its LGBTQ friendliness, but its work in the community as well!

Take a moment to read an article from the Huffington Post about Rainbow Ball Weekend!

Campus Pride listed UMM as one of the Top 25 “Best of the Best” LGBTQ friendly campuses across the nation!

UMM was also honored as one of the Top 25 in the nation for LGBTQA inclusiveness!

UMM also earned top honors from Campus Pride for inclusiveness!

The Black Student Union is committed to building a strong and inclusive UMM through programs and events that support an ethnic and racially diverse community.

President: Trey Thompson

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Beth Russet

Epsilon Sigma Alpha International – Sigma Xi Chapter is a chem-free service and leadership sorority located at the University of Maine at Machias. Since we were founded in 1994, we have strived to influence our community in a positive way through various service projects, including our major philanthropic projects, fundraising for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and Easter Seals. Internationally, our mascot is a giraffe and our colors are blue and gold. Locally, our mascot is a panther and our colors are purple and white. Our official flower, internationally and locally, is the yellow Jonquil.

Our brother organization is Sigma Chi Lambda.

The Fencing Club is a student organization that allows students new to fencing the opportunity to learn about the sport and provides experienced fencers with the chance to mentor and practice with others.  The club focuses on the use of the foil, but also has some interest in the sabre and epee.  The Fencing Club has equipment available for student use.

President: Kurt Manco

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Daniel Qualls

The Game Club has interest in anything related to the topic: board, video, role play, puzzles, strategy, and anything else related to games. They work to build and strengthen interest in the area.

President: Kyle Little

Meetings: Saturdays from 2:00pm-4:00pm in the Dorward Lower Lounge

Advisor: Daniel Qualls

A group consisting of representation from six of UMM’s nine Greek organizations. Greek Council facilitates positive Inter-Greek relations on and off campus.

Kappa Alpha Kappa is a local sorority founded in September of 1928 at the University of Maine at Machias, which values friendship, sisterhood and service.  Kappa Alpha Kappa is a service sorority, taking part in organizing and participating in many community and campus based service activities in and around Downeast Maine such as Acadia Cleanup, Relay for Life, and American Red Cross Blood Drives.  Our sorority also puts on raffles to donate money to local and national organizations, like the Next Step and Sarah’s House.Our colors are maroon and gold and our brother fraternity is Psi Delta.Come out and meet us, we’re in the Sennett kitchen with our brothers from 7-9PM most Tuesdays throughout the academic year!

Kappa Delta Phi is a national fraternity founded in 1900, with the Eta chapter being founded at UMM in 1931. Kappa Delta Phi brings together men of good character who are studying at institutions of higher education and who manifest a keen interest in higher education. Kappa Delta Phi promotes a spirit of good citizenship.

Our colors are black and gold.

The Kappa Mu Alpha fraternity is the only local fraternity on campus. Kappa Mu Alpha was founded at the University of Maine at Machias in 1953 and with no national affiliation, it means KMA is unique to only UMM. Our colors are navy blue and white and our sister organization is Phi Tau Phi. Together, we represent the two oldest Greek organizations on campus. It is the expressed goal of the Kappa Mu Alpha fraternity to promote positive social interaction among the University of Maine at Machias student body.

ODP is a co-ed, all-inclusive, human rights and advocacy collegiate fraternity. Our colors are black, pink and silver.

Outing Club provides experience and training in outdoor activities of general interest to all students.

President: Alex Blackie

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Karen Beeftink

The Paranormal Club works to educate students in ghost hunting and various fortean phenomena.

President: Kyle Little

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Marcus Librizzi

P.E.A.C.H. works to be an accepting net for the creative process, to share artistic and creative endeavors, to learn to grow while experiencing the creative world in a supportive environment, to journey into the world in search of beauty, interest, and inspiration, and to work towards bringing the artistic realm back into UMM life.

President: Harleigh Gillespie

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Bernie Vinzani

Founded at the University of Maine at Machias in October of 1928, Phi Tau Phi is a local sorority promoting purity, honesty, initiative, trustworthiness, ability, understanding, perseverance, happiness, industry, the feeling of belonging, and, most importantly, friendship.Originally, Phi Tau Phi was the athletic sorority on campus, which is why we share UMM’s colors – kelly green and white.  Today, Phi Tau Phi is a social sorority open to all women at UMM that sponsors fun events and promotes a healthy social environment.Phi Tau Phi’s brother organization is Kappa Mu Alpha.

Psi Delta, found in May of 1972, is the local chapter of the Alpha Delta National Service Fraternity.  We promote leadership, brotherhood and service.  Our local colors are blue and gold and our national colors are green, gold and black.

Our sister organization is Kappa Alpha Kappa.

The Residence Hall Association (RHA) works to be a voice for residential students, providing hall governance, new and creative events, and community building within the residence halls.

President: Kayla Cosmo

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Tess Giordano

Student Activities, Involvement, and Leadership, better known as S.A.I.L.,  is the organization on campus which provides programming for the entire student body.  We also work closely with other clubs and organizations, providing opportunities for building community on campus.

President: Brittany Bills

Meetings: Please check out the website for full details

Advisor: Jacob Hanley

Science Club gives students the opportunity to broaden their scientific knowledge through field trips, sponsoring seminars, attending scientific conferences, and participating in research projects.

President: Skyler Mushlit

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Sherrie Sprangers

Cultivating and maintaining the high ideals of friendship, justice, and learning through leadership and athletics.

The UMM Student Senate is the elected representative of the student body. Senators engage with campus staff, faculty and administration to ensure that when an idea or issue comes forward that they are properly dealt with, as to benefit everyone.

President: Andrew Fitzgerald

Meetings: Please check out the website for full details

Advisor: Jacob Hanley

Thespis Players are a group of students that love exploring theater, acting, improv, and everything in between. They work to put on live shows, improv events, and other neat forms of entertainment.

President: Alex Frieze

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Chris Abbandonato

The UMM Food Recovery Organization explores various options to practice environmentally friendly food habits to fight food waste while also feeding people!

President: KwiNam Park

Meetings: TBD

Advisor: Lori Schnieders

UMM’s radio station, WUMM 91.1 is a fully operational radio program consisting of student, staff, and community DJs. It serves Machias and the greater Washington County region.

President: Avery Davis

Meetings: Please check out the website for full details

Advisor: Jacob Hanley

Below you will find supporting forms for student organizations. The forms are accessible to any UMaine student.

UMM Sponsored Activity Form

UMM Payment Request/Authorization Form

UMM Student Club & Organization Handbook