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Sunrise Senior College began in June 2002, at a dinner presentation to a group of interested Washington County residents and in its first year 80 people were registered members. SSC was established as a part of the Maine Senior College Network and in partnership with the University of Maine at Machias.

Now, in our 18th year, we are very pleased knowing that we are fulfilling our mission statement and have grown beyond our initial goals. SSC now has a presence at local community events and indeed, a  presence in the community as a whole. Our volunteers make it all happen and we keep working to make it better all the time. Being over 50 has never looked so good!


Jackie O’Clair, Board Chair  
Steve Rutter, Vice Chair
Sue O’Clair, Treasurer
Sharen Eaton, Secretary
Cathy Prince, Data Management
Michele Romanini-Pollard, Policy & Procedure

Gail Peters, Volunteer Chair
Marci Gaglione, P/R Chair
Catherine Ryanquint, Distribution Chair