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Temples and Tombs of Ancient Egypt and the Nile – 3,000 Years of History

with Jackie O'Clair

Travel along with Jackie O’Clair as she uses materials, pictures and photos from her recent trip to Egypt to look give us a brief fun look into the history, mystique and splendor of ancient Egypt.  We will see how the sands of the Sahara help preserve the art work and history of Egypt that is now visible in these magnificent structures. This four session presentation will peek at Egypt’s history through some of the temples and tombs they visited and the stories and antidotes they were told.  Egypt’s history Spanned more than 3,000 years, with the cities along the Nile River serving as the seat of power, religion, art, architecture and learning in this part of the world. With the Nile River being so fertile it fed much of the known regions of that time with trade going as far as Canaan, Lebanon, Nubia and Punt. Much of this history was lost to us until 1799 and the discovery of the Rosetta Stone but since that time has enriched us with a new understanding of just how advanced this society was and the impact it had on modern civilization.   

Presenter:  Jacqueline O’Clair is an avid traveler and history buff.  She has always been fascinated with ancient history and how it impacted our development. She has visited Machu Pichu, the Myan ruins of Mexico and Central America, ancient Greece, Ephesus, Jerusalem and Jordan’s Petra, and many ancient Roman sites and historic places in Europe. Her recent trip to Egypt was one of her bucket list items.    

Class Information:  This is a hybrid class - held in-person in UM@M’s room SCI 102 and via Zoom. 

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Umm Science 102 & via Zoom

October 2nd to 23rd, 2024
Wed for 4 weeks from 1:00 - 2:30 pm