Level 2 Badge

Career Ready Level 2

Issuer: University of Maine at Machias

Evidence is Required


  • Completed a reflection form and submitted it to a Career Advisor.
  • Earning and acceptance of their Level 1 badge was verified through a Credly report.

Also, earners completed appropriate forms of evidence:


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This badge was issued in recognition of the earner’s engagement in career development activities and learning experiences, beyond the classroom. Earners demonstrated active engagement by participating in career-related events or activities, utilized career resources, sought out an internship, completed one or more career training sessions, and reflected on their experiences.


All earners:

  • Reflected on their learning experiences
  • Created a Credly account and completed the “About Me” section and added a professional-looking headshot. 
  • Earned and accepted the Career Ready Level 1 badge.

Earners also completed a minimum of four of the following activities (at least one was a career development/work experience*):

  • Created their profile and uploaded their resume in CareerLink 
  • Reviewed their resume and cover letter with a Career Advisor
  • Registered with the Career Center mentor program and to connect with a mentor (need to change this to  be a link to the ummcareer@maine.edu.)
  • Participated in a mock interview or interview coaching experience through the Career Center
  • Tailored their resume and cover letter for a specific job of interest,  secured references/letters of recommendation and shared those with a Career Advisor
  • Met with a Career Advisor or Internship Coordinator to receive career advice/training, research companies/industries, identify internships and career-related experiences and/or apply for an internship
  • Enhanced their LinkedIn presence by updating their profile and networking via LinkedIn
  • Participated in a career workshop/event
  • Prepared for and attended a career fair or approved career networking event
  • Actively engaged in community service events, career-related club/organizations, or approved out-of-class career activities*
  • Worked, on or off campus or completed an internship or other experiential learning opportunities*


  • Completed the online Career Ready Level 2 reflection form 
  • Earned and accepted their Career Ready Level 1 badge and completed their Credly profile 
  • Uploaded in Credly at least one example of work to demonstrate their skills and achievements
  • Meetings, submissions, profiles, and other evidence were verified by a Career Center Advisor and/or an appropriate Internship coordinator or University of Maine at Machias staff or faculty.


UMM Engaged Clipper is an affiliated digital badging learning pathway within the University of Maine’s Engaged Black Bear Digital Badging Initiative.