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A Message from Marnie Kaler, Dean of Students & Admissions

Marnie Kaler
Marnie Kaler, Dean of Students & Admissions

To our new students, welcome to the University of Maine at Machias — I can’t wait to meet you! Since starting as the new Dean of Students and Admissions this summer, I’ve been greeted with open arms by a unique, tightly-knit campus community. I’m so excited to extend this warm welcome to all of you.

To our returning students, welcome back! I hope you’ll feel free to stop by my office — or stop me as I walk the campus grounds — and introduce yourself. Whether you live in the dorms, in town or have to commute long-distance to get to class, I’m always here to answer your questions and listen to your ideas. I’m also happy just to chat, especially if it’s about kayaking, sewing, or restoring weird, old cars.

I was born and raised in Alna, Maine (bonus points for students who know where that is), and after spending the past 17 years in Alaska, I couldn’t be happier to return to my home state. Downeast Maine is a beautiful area with much to offer in the way of natural resources, breathtaking views of the Bold Coast, and awesome outdoor activities. It’s also a resilient rural community full of friendly, hard-working people. I’ve been so glad to discover that our university places a strong emphasis on learning through experience. Our students have opportunities to learn outdoors, to learn alongside members of the community, and most importantly, to learn with the guidance of faculty and staff that really know and care about them.

Our students also have plenty of extracurricular activities to choose from and I sincerely hope you’ll get involved, if you haven’t already! We have clubs, sports teams, student senate and lots of fun events lined up for the fall semester. Ask me about what’s out there, or get in touch with Ryan, our new Assistant Director of Student Life. We can both be found on the second floor of Powers Hall. If you don’t know where that is, anyone on campus will be happy to show you how to get there.

We’ve put together this page to help students navigate their first few weeks of the fall semester. Check out the schedule below for important dates on the academic calendar and links to other student resources.

Best wishes for a great year,

Important Dates on the Academic Calendar:

Fall Welcome: Friday, August 30
For more information and a full orientation schedule, visit our orientation page.

First Day of Classes: September 3

Last Day to Add Classes: September 9
Last Day to Drop Classes: September 16

Be sure to meet with your academic advisor if you have any questions about adding or dropping a class.

Homecoming & Family Weekend: October 4-6
Learn more about our Homecoming & Family Weekend.

Student Housing:

For information on moving into student housing, check out the Student Housing Calendar.

For Commuter Students:

Find out important info for our commuter students on the Commuter Life page.

For help with specific questions about attending UMM as a commuter or distance education student, contact Bonnie Fortini at 255.1264, or Tess Giordano at 255.1435.


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