Sunrise Senior College (SSC) SSC had its beginnings at a June 2002 dinner presentation to a group of interested Washington County residents. By the end of the evening a steering committee had been formed with the full support of John Joseph, the president of UMM. In a flurry of activity and excitement, a set of by-laws were drafted, a curriculum of five courses was developed, brochures were designed, and a fully relational database for membership and registration was created.

By the early fall a whirlwind of information about Maine’s newest Senior College and the first set of course offerings was disseminated through newspaper articles, radio announcements, and a TV interview. The response from the community was very impressive and encouraging: Nearly 80 residents signed up for membership, resulting in 100 course registrations for the very first term!

SCC’s membership has increased to more than 230 members and is growing.  We now average more than 12 courses per semester on a wide variety of subjects of interest with courses ranging from Shakespeare and Chaucer to Basic Birding, Irish Films, sculpture, painting, the environment and writing and reading Haiku. We continue to grow both in the variety and scope of the offerings our members bring to SSC.

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