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F2108 – Anglo-Saxon England

with Mark Brown

Anglo-Saxon England spanned the period often called the Dark Ages.  From the departure of Roman troops to the Norman invasion, 410-1066 AD, the Anglo-Saxons set the stage for what England was to become.  From the epic poem Beowulf we learn of the cultural and religious background of these interlopers.  The Arthurian legends also give insight into the blending of pagan Anglo-Saxons and Christian Celtic Britons into a national English-ness.  With archeological findings and contemporary sources, particularly Bede and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles, we can piece together how the hundreds of tribal war lords coalesced into 7 dominant kingdoms and, with the help of Viking invasion and colonization, eventually one kingdom.  The evolution of England and the English Church are closely intertwined to make for an exciting and somewhat mythical story of the birth of a nation.

Instructor:  Dr. Mark Brown has a Ph.D. in entomology and ecology and has taught courses in environmental sciences at Hood College.  He has taught several SSC classes in entomology, ecology, and history.  His interest in history has led him into the origins and role of the Celtic people in Britain and recently into the Anglo-Saxon Dark Ages.

Class Information:  This class is being held via Zoom.

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