Guidance for health and safety

Updated August 7

What are UMM’s plans for the isolation and quarantine of students in fall 2020? 

UMM has designated separate quarantine and isolation rooms for residential students. A student health coordinator will be available to provide support. Please read the detailed quarantine and isolation planning guide for more information.

What should out-of-state students do if they are not able to take and receive results for a PCR COVID-19 test within 72 hours of coming to Maine? 

Testing and receiving results within 72 hours prior to coming to the university may not be possible in all states. UMM will offer on-campus PCR CoViD 19 testing on select dates. Please read about our plans for move-in and testing in fall 2020.

Will COVID-19 testing services be available on campus? 

The University of Maine System has entered into partnerships with the nonprofit biomedical research institution The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) and ConvenientMD (CMD) to provide comprehensive COVID-19 testing services. Under the agreements, CMD will provide “wrap around” services, establishing sites at each UMS university to gather samples and administer and report results. The samples will be tested by JAX for the presence of the virus. The partnership will focus on RT-PCR testing, which is considered one of the most reliable COVID-19 tests, with high accuracy and low false positives. A news release is online.

Are face coverings required at UMM?

Yes. More information is online under the heading: Should I wear a face covering while working? University of Maine System Safety Management also has a video about protocols for voluntary use of filtering facepieces and cloth face coverings. Signage at street entrances confirms that face coverings are required by everyone while on campus.

In addition to university-issued face coverings, will employees receive any other health-related items?

In addition to two university-issued face coverings, every employee returning to work will receive a back-to-campus kit containing a personal-size bottle of hand sanitizer, cardholder for mobile phone and touchless door opener. The kits and face coverings are available by navigating to the Emergency Operation Center webpage and completing the COVID-19 Central Supply Request Form.

In addition to face coverings, what other PPE is there on campus for community members?

Other protective measures include the installation of hand sanitizer stations and hygiene barriers in high services areas. Signage will be strategically placed as a reminder to maintain social distancing, the need for frequent handwashing and what to do when you feel ill. In addition, UMS Safety Management offers guidance through the portal to University of Maine System employees. Its website includes factsheets on office safety guidancethe physical demands of returning to the workplace, and a workspace checklist.

What special cleaning is being done on campus in response to COVID-19?

According to federal health and safety guidance, no special personal protective equipment (PPE) or cleaning processes are needed for cleaning above and beyond normal practices. UMS Safety Management has instituted protocols for use of disinfectants rated to work on coronavirus. Restrooms campuswide are cleaned and disinfected daily. Hand sanitation stations are being added campuswide. The UMS Scientific Advisory Board has a fact sheet on disinfection and cleaning during the pandemic.

Is there a public health campaign raising awareness of health and safety protocols on campus?

Yes. All members of our community will receive wellness kits containing face coverings, hand sanitizer, an information card and more as part of our Clippers Care public health campaign.

Do members of the UMM community who have been out of state have to quarantine?

Currently, the state requires anyone traveling to Maine to self-quarantine for 14 days upon arrival or to obtain through a health care provider a PCR Test for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival. If the test is negative, travelers to the state can complete the Maine certificate of compliance to waive the 14-day quarantine period. Community members should arrive on campus within 72 hours of the test with a certificate of compliance to present to the designated university official.

How will the UMM community be notified if there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 on the campuses?

Please refer to the public health alerts page for this information.

Can I use a face shield in place of a face covering?

The face shield alone is not a substitute for a face covering. Face shields can substantially reduce the short-term exposure of healthcare workers to large infectious aerosol particles, but smaller particles can remain airborne longer and flow around the face shield more easily to be inhaled. Thus, face shields provide a useful adjunct to respiratory protection for workers caring for patients with respiratory infections. However, they cannot be used as a substitute for respiratory protection when it is needed. A review for accommodations may be requested through your supervisor. Federal CDC guidance is online.

If a residential student tests positive, what will the steps be for isolating?

UMM has identified isolation rooms on campus separate from our residential living spaces. A student who is tested for COVID-19 will be requested to voluntarily contact Marnie Kaler (; 207.255.1320). She is the confidential liaison responsible for informing the UMM community, and will help locate the symptomatic student to an on-campus quarantine room for 14 days or until test results are laboratory confirmed.

The pathway for off-campus commuter students tested for COVID-19 will be requested to voluntarily contact Marnie Kaler (; 207.255.1320). The student will be requested to self quarantine for 14 days or until the test results are laboratory confirmed. In both cases, Maine CDC will be notified of the pending COVID-19 case.

How will UMM help maintain social distancing protocols?

Campuswide, there will be hygiene barriers, floor stickers in numerous areas and signage, and common space occupancy capacity guidelines. In situations where the 6 foot social distance is not attainable , employees will be required to wear a face covering, or OSHA approved face mask in specific  job roles and tasks.

Do members of community returning to Maine from out of state still have to quarantine for 14 days?

Yes, based on state and federal health and safety guidelines, and University of Maine System protocol. Maine CDC quarantine guidance is online.

What protocols should be followed by employees and students returning to campus from out of state?

Those asymptomatic community members faculty, staff and students who have recently traveled outside of Maine and are returning to campus may be subject to CDC-recommended measures on their return to campus, based on their prior travel (CDC travel advisories) and out-of-state home locations (regions/states with sustained community transmission). There is sustained transmission of COVID-19 in the U.S. Community members returning from out-of-state travel who are not exhibiting flu or COVID-19 symptoms are asked to self-quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to their workplace. During self-quarantine, monitor for symptoms and take a daily temperature. If you develop symptoms, call your health care provider and follow the recommendations. Follow the voluntary UMaine/UMM self-reporting guidance below to assist in planning and guiding your return to work plan. Older adults and travelers with underlying health issues should avoid situations that put them at increased risk for more severe disease. This entails avoiding crowded places and nonessential travel.

Under the guidance of a health care provider

If under any directives from their health care providers or if self-isolation is recommended awaiting COVID-19 laboratory test results, remain at your current home and self-isolate for the recommended CDC time period. Refer to the University of Maine System workplace policies and guidance on any alternate work-related option available to the faculty or staff. Follow the voluntary UMaine/UMM self-reporting guidance below to assist in planning and guiding your return to work plan.

Travel from an area designated as a CDC Level 3

Faculty, staff or students returning from a CDC Level 3-designated area may be required not to report to work and strongly encouraged to adhere to a self-quarantine period of up to 14 days per CDC guidelines. Follow the voluntary UMaine/UMM self-reporting guidance below to assist in planning and guiding your return to work plan. Refer to the University of Maine System workplace policies and guidance on any alternate work-related option available to the faculty or staff.

If displaying symptoms after travel

Should you display symptoms after travel, call your health care provider and follow the recommended self-isolation period while awaiting confirmation of the cause of your symptoms.  Follow the voluntary UMaine/UMM self-reporting guidance below to assist in planning and guiding your return to work plan. Consult with your supervisor upon return about avoiding presence at work and possible work-from-home options. (University of Maine System workplace policies and guidance )

Awaiting COVID-19 test (laboratory) results

If you have been asked to self-isolate by a medical provider in relation to coronavirus and/or are awaiting COVID-19 test results, please voluntarily contact Richard Young (; 207.356.2518), the confidential University Health Services liaison to help inform the UMaine or UMM communities. Thank you for your understanding of the extraordinary circumstances this situation presents for all of us. Refer to the University of Maine System guidelines for university travel for business and personal travel for guidance.