Updated July 30

How do I find out about instruction modalities for my class schedule? What if I want to request a change?

Changes to  instruction modalities (in-person, hybrid, synchronous online, asynchronous online) will be updated in MaineStreet and will be finalized after Aug. 4. Please continue to monitor your MaineStreet Student Portal to confirm your course delivery methods, as well as classroom locations for in-person courses.

Further information about the delivery of each course will be communicated to you directly by the instructor via your email account, or through the course syllabi. If you have a question or concern about the delivery of your course, your first step is to contact the course instructor via the email address listed with the course information in MaineStreet. If you need further assistance, you may contact your division chair, your faculty advisor, or the registrar’s office at There are many supports in place to ensure your academic success in the fall 2020 semester; please do not hesitate to ask for help.

How will the academic calendar change in fall 2020?

Classes will begin as scheduled on Monday, August 31. Fall break has been eliminated so classes will be in session on Monday and Tuesday of that week. All classes will be delivered remotely or online after Thanksgiving break. Wednesday, November 25 will be the last in-person class day on campus for the fall semester. Final exams will be delivered remotely as well and the fall semester will end on December 18, 2020.

View the updated academic calendar.

Will classes be in person or online?

Flexibility is a key concept for this fall term. Classes will be delivered in several formats and we are working now to finalize these plans. 

    • Face-to-face classes are planned and consist of the majority of the delivery options we intend to provide. A few face-to-face classes may have to limit attendance to any one class period to observe social distancing guidelines. Some classrooms will be large enough to accommodate everyone but some students may not be able to attend a class for a period of time. We will provide options for faculty to use to reach students who cannot attend in person, including recorded sessions, live streaming, or Zoom connections, to name a few. 

Other classes will be designated as remote, online, or hybrid. Remote classes may include Zoom or other group distance connection platforms, online classes  may be synchronous or asynchronous, and hybrid classes may have in-person components as well as online or remote aspects. 

What changes will we see in classrooms this fall?

UMM facilities will reopen with layout changes, signage, social distancing requirements and other protocols in accordance with health and safety guidance.

How are faculty preparing to teach lab sections in the fall?

UMaine’s COVID-19 Teaching Lab Safety Group has developed a COVID-19 teaching laboratory safety checklist to aid in the planning efforts.