Early College Certificates & Pathways to Maine Careers

UMM is proud to offer Early College Career Exploration Pathways and Certificates that guide students as they learn about majors and career options. Upon completion, students will earn a designation on their university transcript, and may have a jump start on some programs when they enroll in college.

Why Earn a Certificate?

Early College Certificate earners who enroll at UMM for the fall semester following their high school graduation can:

  • Apply for exclusive scholarships. (Awards may vary based on funding and need; Early College Certificate earners in 2020 were awarded $2500 each.)
  • Apply for a FREE room for your first year at UMM (a $4600 value)
  • Be recognized at Honors Convocation
  • Participate in UMM Commencement
  • Receive a special cord to be worn at your high school graduation.

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*On-Campus Only

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Early College Courses Listed with General Education Requirements & Certificate Requirements

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