Why Early College?

Students who participate in Early College:

  • gain better study skills
  • develop more academic confidence
  • have less anxiety about the transition to college.
  • are less likely to need remedial courses in college.
  • are more likely to earn a degree on time when compared to students without early college credits.

Why UMM?


Students who qualify for Aspirations funding will receive FREE tuition and all general fees will be waived– they’ll only pay for textbooks and course-specific fees. The tuition waiver represents an $800 cost savings for each 3-credit course.  If a student receives free/reduced lunch OR is facing an economic hardship then UMM will cover the cost of textbooks and remaining fees.  This form must be filled out by a school professional.

Access to resources!

All Early College students will receive Clipper ID cards and will have full access to the UMM following student resources for FREE:


Students who complete an early college course with a grade of a C- or above will get a scholarship if they matriculate at UMM directly after graduation.  They just need to fill out this application.

Early College Certificates earners who enroll at UMM for the fall semester following their high school graduation can:

  • Apply for exclusive scholarships. (Awards may vary based on funding and need; Early College Certificate earners in 2019 were awarded $2500 each.)
  • Apply for a FREE room for their first year at UMM (a $4600 value)
  • Be recognized at Honors Convocation
  • Participate in UMM Commencement
  • Receive a special cord to be worn at their high school graduation.


Sources of the above data can be found here.