Level 1 Badge

Career Ready Level 1

Issuer: University of Maine at Machias


This badge was issued in recognition of the earner’s participation in the University of Maine at Machias’ Career Center events and resource opportunities.  Earners began to build relationships and develop skills that enabled them to identify ways to enhance their career development opportunities.


This badge acknowledges that all earners:

  • Reflected on their learning and their path toward further engagement in career development opportunities.

Earners also completed a minimum of three of the following (at least one was a career building experience*)

  • Explored their career options by visiting the Career Center and meeting with a career advisor
  • Joined a career-related student organization, participated in an out-of-class career-related/service project/experience, or worked on and/or off campus*
  • Attended an approved career center event, Department career-related event, or a networking event
  • Registered with CareerLink: https://umaine.edu/career/careerlink/
  • Developed their resume and had it reviewed by a Career Advisor
  • Registered with LinkedIn and began to create their profile and joined their Department, and/or University of Maine at Machias alumni group(s), if applicable


  • Completed the online Career Ready Level 1 Reflection form

And completed the appropriate forms of evidence:

  • Verification of a Career Center meeting, CareerLink registration, LinkedIn profile, events, experiences, resume development/review by a Career Center Advisor or other approved University of Maine at Machias staff or faculty.


UMM Engaged Clipper is an affiliated digital badging learning pathway within the University of Maine’s Engaged Black Bear Digital Badging Initiative.