Cooperative Education

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What is Cooperative Education?

Cooperative Education (co-op) is a method of integrating classroom theory with practical experience through a work situation. The word “cooperative” emphasizes an arrangement that combines the efforts of employers, educators, and students to form a superior educational program for students. Co-op is a for credit course that takes place in a work environment rather than a classroom environment; positions may be paid or unpaid, but require a minimum of 70 work hours per credit hour.


Why Get Involved?

Potential benefits to students participating in co-op include:

  • Trying out career options prior to graduation
  • Gaining valuable career-related experience while earning academic credit
  • Becoming a more mature individual as a result of working with professionals
  • Networking and developing the right connections to future employment

Generally, students who have work experience in their field are the most successful in their job search!

For additional information on participating in cooperative education, please contact Andrea Ednie at