COVID-19 Testing Guide for Students

What test is required? 

A PCR diagnostic test is required. The test must be taken within 72 hours of arriving on campus.

What tests are not acceptable? 

Virus antibody tests or rapid tests are not accepted. 

What needs to be shown to prove a negative PCR test result? 

Evidence of a negative diagnostic PCR test that students bring with them must be dated from within the  72 hours prior to a student’s scheduled  move-in date.

Are there states exempt from testing? 

No. UMM is requiring all residential students be tested regardless of their state or country of origin. This requirement includes individuals arriving from states exempted from testing by the civil authorities in Maine.

Do students and families need to  quarantine for 14 days before arriving in UMM during the  move-in process? 

No. However the students will be required to show evidence of a negative diagnostic (PCR) test when they travel to campus for the fall semester or will be required to have a test upon arrival to campus on the designated move-in date as designated by the university. Parents  are not required by the university to quarantine to bring their student to campus on the designated move-in date. Parents and family members are asked to  comply with the UMM policies — maintaining social distancing, and wearing a face covering while on campus and in the residence halls.

Who is conducting the tests? 

UMM has partnered with ConvenientMD and The Jackson Lab to conduct the tests.

Who will be tested and when? 

On-campus students: Students living on campus in university housing will be tested during the move-in process.  Resident assistants who have been asked to move in early, Student Life staff, and students already living in on-campus housing will be tested on Aug. 17. The majority of students living on campus will be tested on Aug. 27; a second testing date will be offered on Aug. 31.

Testing will be provided at a location on campus. More details about testing times and location will be communicated to students directly. 

Off-campus students: Off-campus students who are arriving from out-of-state (including states exempted in civil guidance) will be asked to participate in one of the on-campus testing dates. The will be contacted via email with detailed testing information and should plan to communicate with Marnie Kaler ( if they need to request a specific date. Off-campus students who are not able to come to a testing date will be asked to provide negative test results or confirm that they have quarantined for 14 days prior to the beginning of in-person classes. If they cannot do any of these options, they will be asked to not come to in-person classes.

Note: Students under 18 will need a parental signature to be tested for COVID-19. More information will be communicated directly to these students via email. If you are a minor whose parent will not be present on move-in day, please make sure you have communicated with Marnie Kaler about your testing plans.

When will results be ready? 

Test results should be available between 24–48 hours from midnight of the day of the test.

Will I be required to pay for this test? 

Students will not be charged for fall arrival tests or ongoing campus surveillance testing conducted by  the university.

Once students are tested, what happens next? 

After being tested, residential students will  move into — and quarantine in — their room with until they receive their test results. UMM has arranged for support services to ensure students have access to the dining halls, appropriate academic support services and interactive student life experiences.

Commuter students (off-campus students)  will be asked to self-quarantine in their off-campus residences until they receive test results. Off-campus students are asked to refrain from being on campus until they receive a test result. With a negative test result, self-quarantine can discontinue.

Students living off campus who receive a positive test will be asked to self-isolate in their off-campus residence for 14 days. Maine CDC will contact all students in isolation who tested positive to conduct a twice-daily symptoms  check and initiate contact tracing. The university is asking off-campus students who test positive to call the COVID-19 hotline at 207.581.2681 to initiate communication to assist students in coordinating their academics, notify campus medical services and connect to UMM COVID response resources. 

Will I have to be retested if I leave campus? 

If you leave campus to go into the local  community, you will not need to be retested. Students with symptoms of COVID-19 are asked to contact Jordan Porter, 207.255.4567, Option 1, to make an appointment to see a health care provider. Patients will be tested based on their symptoms and evaluation. If you leave campus for an out-of-state destination, you will be asked to self-quarantine for 14 days or have a PCR diagnostic test upon return. Students are expected to communicate with the university at 207.581.2681 regarding any necessary out-of-state travel.

Campus supports 

What kind of engagement and support are available with the student during  isolation or quarantine? 

On-campus students will stay either in an isolation room (after a positive PCR test) or a quarantine room (pending the results of a positive PCR test or if they have been in close contact to a positive case). While in quarantine or isolation, students will order meals through Sodexo and will be checked on daily by Residence Life staff. Students will be provided with information and supplies to keep them safe and engaged. An isolation and quarantine planning guide for students is online.

What kind of academic support is  available if a student is in isolation and quarantine? 

Academic departments and Student Accessibility Services have resources available for all students,  including those who are placed in quarantine and isolation due to COVID-19. The Dean of Students will be notified of the students placed in isolation and/or quarantine. That office will then communicate with students’ faculty, and will assist in coordinating the students’ coursework. 

Will there be follow up testing during the semester? 

Additional testing throughout the fall semester will be determined by the university.

Health supports

Student Health Coordinator: Jordan Porter, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, 207.255.4567, Option 1

Campus on-call staff, 24/7: 207.263.4371

University of Maine System COVID-19 Hotline (staffed 10 a.m.-3 p.m.; voicemails 24/7): 207.581.2681

Counseling: Stacey Cherry, LPC

Emergency medical services: Dial 911