Wilderness Therapy

Certificate in Wilderness Therapy

Joint Program from Psychology & Community Studies
and Recreation Tourism Management

Wilderness therapy (also known as outdoor behavioral healthcare) is an adventure-based therapy treatment modality for behavior change and interpersonal self-improvement, combining experiential education, individual and group therapy in a wilderness setting.
The Wilderness Therapy Certificate is for students who are seeking a career that uses wilderness as a therapeutic process to help those in need. This certificate focuses on theory within psychology and sociology as well as experiential learning in the outdoors through the Recreation and Tourism Management coursework.
By completing the Wilderness Therapy Certificate Program, students will have a well-rounded outdoor education experience and a high degree of training specific to employment within the outdoor industry as well as basic counseling psychology theory and methods. Types of organizations that may employ graduates include wilderness therapy programs, recreation facilities, outfitters and guide services, ski areas, summer adventure camps, community nature centers and outdoor programs, whitewater river outfitters, outdoor equipment purveyors, and other outdoor education and/or recreation companies and organizations. In addition to field-based experiential learning of basic technical skills, students will also be prepared as outdoor trip leaders by examining and developing the interpersonal skills needed for positions in outdoor leadership.
Required Courses:

Course Number Course Name Credit Hours
PSY 110 Intro to Psychology 3
PSY 211 Intro to Behavioral & Community Mental Health systems 3
PSY 201 Developmental Psychology 3
PSY 332 Crisis Identification & Resolution 3
REM 121 Outdoor Recreation 3
REM 227 Back country Expedition Skills (e.g. kayaking, hiking, canoeing etc.) 3*
REM 212 Wilderness First Responder 3
REM 230 Outdoor Leadership 3
COE 201, 301 or 313 Internship 3-6**

Total Credit Hours:     27-30**
* Veterans may be able to transfer in credit for prior learning
** Students in the Recreation Tourism Management or Psychology & Community Studies Programs are required to do an Internship field placement as part of their concentration. Military Veterans may also be able to use credit for prior learning on a case-by-case basis for this requirement
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