Non-Profit Organization Management

Business & Entrepreneurial Studies Program

Concentration in Non-Profit Organization Management

In addition to the major requirements, students must complete the University Core and electives to meet 120 credits. Kindly note, some University Core requirements may be met by certain Business & Entrepreneurial Studies requirements. To graduate, students must earn a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00. Courses denoted with an asterisk (*) serve as prerequisites for the M.B.A. program at the University of Maine.

Business Major Requirements (45 credits)

Introductory Courses
Course Number Course Name
BUS 111 Introduction to Business & Entrepreneurship
MAR 101 Marketing & Entrepreneurship*
BUS 106 Introduction to Personal and Business Finance
PSY 110 Introduction to Psychology -or- SOC 114 Introduction to Sociology


Professional Courses
Course Number Course Name
ACC 201 Financial Accounting*
ACC 202 Managerial Accounting*
ECO 201 Macroeconomics*
ECO 202 Microeconomics*
MAN 318 Human Behavior in Organizations
MAN 325 Finance*
BUS 212 Business Communications
BUS 221 Business Law II
BUS 320 Internship & Seminar
PSY 311 Social Psychology
MAN 321 Operations Management -or- MAN 313 Managerial Decision Making


Non-Profit Organization Management Concentration (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name
BUS 325 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
MAN 412 Non-Profit Management & Governance
WRI 414  Grant and Proposal Writing


Suggestions for University Core (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name
MAT 113 Introduction to Statistics (Math Literacy Core Requirement)
BUS 334 International Business (Global Perspectives Core Requirement)
HTY 307 American Economic History (Historical Perspective 200+ Core Requirement)

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