Interdisciplinary Studies provides a broad, flexible, student-driven interdisciplinary liberal arts experience. The program will prepare you to apply multiple perspectives within complex settings by combining tools from various disciplines. You will gain appreciation for the many ways scholars employ modes of communication and analysis to explore phenomena.

For example, you might choose to combine science with governmental policy to examine practical ways to protect sensitive forests. Or, you might combine Art, Education, Recreation Management, and Psychology to craft ways to engage children in art therapy. The way in which you design your program will prepare you for your personal career goals as you see fit.

Why Study Interdisciplinary Studies at UMM?

This program appeals to many students’ natural sense of curiosity. If you are interested in a flexible program that highlights connections, one that combines breadth with careful understanding of ways of communication and analysis, then a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies is an excellent choice for you.

Degree Earned

Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Program Courses & Requirements


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Meghan Duff, Associate Professor of Psychology
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Tora Johnson
Associate Professor of Geographic Information Systems
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