Elementary Education

UMM offers individualized learning opportunities that allow you to develop close relationships with fellow students and faculty as you enjoy the pristine natural resources of the Downeast environment. You will be able to apply what you learn beginning with your first semester field placement in a local K-8th grade classroom and continue with field experiences throughout the program. During your final year at UMM, you will complete fifteen weeks of full-time student teaching under the mentorship of a cooperating teacher.

Student Teaching

Student teaching in special education is available to qualified UMM students, as well as qualified students enrolled in the University of Maine at Augusta’s (UMA) Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies with a minor in special education. Interested students should consult with their advisors for more information about the process for applying to student teach. Students must apply to student teach one semester before they plan to teach; deadlines for application are announced each semester.

The application to student teach includes, but is not limited to: application form, transcripts, resume, essays, and letters of recommendation. Applications to student teach must demonstrate:

  • Successful completion of 27 credits in special education coursework with a GPA of 2.5 or better (at least nine credits must be UMM coursework)
  • Successful completion of Praxis I “Core Academic Skills for Educators” (#5751) and Praxis II Education of Exceptional Students: Core Content Knowledge (#0354) and Principles of Learning and Teaching tests (Principles of Teaching and Learning test does not apply to individuals enrolled in Teacher Certification in Special Education program)


The Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education offers three different concentrations:

  • Community Engaged Learning: This concentration focuses on exploring community resources and challenges as well as provides foundations for rural education with additional local field placements.
  • English and Language Arts: This concentration provides individualized training in literature with a special focus on creative writing and grammar.
  • Marine Biology: The coursework of this concentration examines are local marine organisms and their ecosystems. Our science faculty specialize in teaching outdoors to enhance hands-on learning. You will learn about the biology and ecology of marine plants and animals inhabiting oceans, rocky shores, tidal pools, marshes, mudflats, and other marine environments.
  • Special Education: This concentration prepares students to become certified as special education teachers. It explores both the legal and foundational aspects of special education as well as practical training in teaching and assessment methods.

Pluralism Policy

It is the philosophy of UMM’s education program that curricula and courses provide a balanced and thoughtful approach to gender, race, ethnicity, and cultural diversity. Class presentations, discussions, assignments, evaluations, and texts incorporate, when appropriate, diverse histories, traditions, values, and behaviors. These multicultural components reflect local, national, and global human experiences and convey a sense of affirmation and appreciation of similarities and differences among people.

Degree Earned

Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education

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