Come to the coast of Maine to read, write, and publish books. English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts is a one-of-a-kind bachelor’s degree program that embeds creative writing and literary study within the operations of a professional press. While you grow as a writer and critic, you will also acquire credentials that include two or more publications by graduation.

Program Overview

The English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts Program engages you in the complete process of literature from inspiration through publication, whether it’s your own writing or works produced by the UMM Press. In doing so, you acquire job skills while pursuing your artistic dreams. You select courses in American, British, and world literature. You practice your craft as a writer through these courses and through workshops and individualized studies in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. Through classwork and internship opportunities, you gain hands-on experience editing and publishing books in different forms—fine letterpress, desktop, digital, and high-speed production.

While the innovative core of the program integrates the study of creative writing, literature, and book arts, your own concentration lets you hone in on your favorite area. Learning takes place in one-on-one sessions with faculty, small classroom settings, and the program’s professional Book Arts Studio.

Degree Earned

BA in English, Creative Writing, & Book Arts

Contact Us

Marcus Librizzi, Professor of English
(207) 255-1230
Sennett Hall 241