Program Overview

The English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts Program engages you in the complete process of literature from inspiration through publication, whether it’s your own writing or works produced by the UMM Press. In doing so, you acquire job skills while pursuing your artistic dreams. You select courses in American, British, and world literature. You practice your craft as a writer through these courses and through workshops and individualized studies in fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and screenwriting. Through classwork and internship opportunities, you gain hands-on experience editing and publishing books in different forms—fine letterpress, desktop, digital, and high-speed production.

While the innovative core of the program integrates the study of creative writing, literature, and book arts, your own concentration lets you hone in on your favorite area. Learning takes place in one-on-one sessions with faculty, small classroom settings, and the program’s professional Book Arts Studio.

What You Can Do With Your Degree

Your bachelor’s degree in English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts opens up doors to a number of different careers. Here are some of the most popular, with links to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics:


Shoot for the ultimate dream job. Write novels or memoirs full time from home, work with your agent to secure a publishing house, and market your books through social media and speaking engagements. Most writers support themselves through a related career, but a English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts will make you a more successful writer with a better chance of pursuing this vocation.

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Combine your passion for literature and writing with a desire and talent for helping others in a job that gives you summers free! Along with your BA in English, you need a teaching certificate or minor in education, which you can get simultaneously with your BA in English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts.

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Collaborate with a team of editors, writers, and layout artists to conceptualize content and design, manage projects, as well as edit and proofread final copy.

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Write for commission for a business or nonprofit organization, generating, editing, and designing marketing materials and web content.

Apply your expertise in writing and grammar to prepare technical and instructional manuals that organize complex material into accessible forms for the general public.

Design and maintain a public image for a business or organization by managing social media sites and preparing press releases.

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Your BA in English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts qualifies you to enter graduate school to pursue a great many other exciting professions:

  • College or University Professor: MA or MFA and PhD required.
  • Lawyer / Paralegal: JD required to be a lawyer, Paralegal Certificate required to be a Paralegal
  • Librarian or Library Director: MA in Library Science required.
  • Museum Curator or Archivist: MA required.



The U.M.M. Press, a publishing house recovering lost works of early Maine literature and celebrating the art of the book. As a major, you’ll be working as an apprentice for the press with direct involvement in editing, book design, printing, and marketing.

The Bad Little Journal is a student-run online literary publication, created by ECB students during the spring 2018 semester. This journal was created by students toprovide ways for aspiring writers of all majors to showcase their work publicly. The journal publishes literary works of all genres, including short stories, poetry, creative nonfiction, and experimental works. Any students at UMM can be involved with the publication process of the journal through this student club. Please click on the link below to read the most recent issue.


  • Maine Writers Series
  • Washington County Writer’s Symposium
  • Open Mic Nights
  • Annual Boston Cultural Excursion
  • Internships

Degree Earned

BA in English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts

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