Transfer credit is awarded on the basis of the following principles.

Transfer credit is awarded for all college-level (numbered 100 and above) courses from regionally accredited institutions in which the student has earned a grade of C- or better. All acceptable credits will transfer; however, grades and grade point averages will not. Students hoping to receive transfer credit for work done at foreign institutions should see requirements on the Foreign Credentials tab (above).

In accordance with UMS Board of Trustees’ revised policy (11/17/2003), all undergraduate degree credit successfully completed with a grade of C- or better at any unit of the System will be transferable to any other unit of the University System, but will not be automatically applied to the specific academic degree program a student has chosen. Grades earned in courses which transfer from other UMS campuses will appear on the student’s Transfer Credit Report; they will not affect the student’s GPA at UMM.

Core Exceptions for Eligible Students.  Transfer students who enter with an Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degree from a regionally accredited institution will receive some core exceptions, as will students who enter with 60 or more credits in transfer, but who have not completed an AA or an AS degree.  For details on the core exceptions that apply to these two groups of transfer students (matriculating after January 1, 2011), please click here.

Degree-seeking students who have completed all the courses in one of the University of Maine System institution’s “General Education Transfer Blocks” are eligible for special core (gen ed) exceptions if they transfer to another UMS university.  Similar considerations are available for Maine Community College System students who complete the UMS Transfer Block.

Students Transferring to UMM from another UMS Institution.  Students who have been matriculated at another UMS institution and who have completed the “General Education Block” at that institution at the time they transfer to UMM will be considered to have met all UMM core requirements EXCEPT ELA 342 Humans & Nature.  If any of the courses listed below are program requirements, the student will need to complete the requirement.

Students who have completed the General Education block at another UMS institution and who are transferring to UMM should ask the other University’s Registrar to confirm to the UMM Registrar that the other University’s General Education Block has been completed.

Students Transferring to UMM from the Maine Community College System.  Students who have been matriculated at one of the Maine Community Colleges and who have completed the “UMS General Education Block” at that institution at the time time they transfer to UMM will be considered to have met all UMM core requirements EXCEPT ELA 342 Humans & Nature.  If any of the core courses listed below are program requirements, the student will need to complete the requirement.

Students who have completed the UMS General Education Block at one of the Maine Community Colleges will need to ask that college’s Registrar to post the appropriate notation to the student’s community college transcript and have the official transcript sent directly to the UMM Registrar’s Office.

UMM Students Transferring to another UMS Institution.  UMM students who have met the core/general education requirements listed below (UMM General Education Block) will be considered to have completed Machias’ “General Education Block” and will be eligible for exemption from the courses designated as the General Education Block at any other University of Maine System institution, unless that course is also a program requirement.  Up to 10 additional general education credits may also be required at the other UMS institution.

Students who have completed the UMM General Education block and who are transferring to another UMS institution should complete the Request to Confirm Completion of General Education Block and return to the UMM Registrar ( so the Registrar can confirm completion of the UMM General Education Block to the new UMS institution.

Category UMM Core Requirements Credit Hours
Aesthetic Perspectives Complete 4 credits from at least two of the following areas:

Art, Music, Creative Writing, Theatre, Fine Arts, Dance

At least 1 credit must be in studio or performing arts.

Scientific Inquiry Complete one of the following:

BIO 117 This is Life!
CHY 101 General Chemistry I
ELA 113 Natural Environments
ENV 103 Oceanography
MTR 101 Meteorology
PHY 111 Physics I

Communication Complete each of the following:

ENG 101 Composition
SPE 104 Public Speaking

Mathematics Complete any two math courses at or above the 100-level. 

One of them may be MAT 102 or its equivalent.

Global Perspectives Complete one of the following:

ANT 101 Cultural Anthropology
BUS 334 International Business
CMY 220 Soliya
ENG 224 Masterpieces of World Literature
GEO 101 Intro to Geography
HTY 115 or HTY 116 World History I/II*
Any foreign language course

** Must be different course than used to meet Historical Perspectives requirement

Literary Perspectives Complete one of the following:

ENG 113 Intro to Humanities
ENG 114 Topics in World Literature
ENG 117 Intro to Literary & Cultural Studies
ENG 118 Topics in Contemporary Literature

Historical Perspectives Complete each of the following:

HTY 115 or HTY 116 World History I/II
HTY course at 200-level or higher

Maine Coastal Odyssey Complete each of the following:

FYS 101 First-Year Seminar
ELA 101 Recreation & Wellness Seminar
ELA 112 Community & Place

Social Sciences & the Environment Complete one of the following:

ANT 212 Environmental Anthropology
ANT 313 Political Ecology
ECO 223 Environmental Economics
ENV 112 Environmental Issues
POS 305 Environmental Policy
PSY 317 Environmental Psychology
PSY 334 Community Psychology & the Environment
REM 327 Recreational Behavior & the Environment

Total 38


  1. Transferring students must provide official transcripts reflecting all previous post-secondary coursework.
  2. An evaluation of transfer credit will be prepared by the Transfer Officer for each accepted transfer student, and will be available in the student’s MaineStreet Student Center. The transfer student should meet with an academic advisor at the receiving university to review how the transfer credit will be applied toward the student’s degree program. Transfer evaluations will be prepared based on the following principles:
    • Within the University of Maine System. Undergraduate courses completed with a C- or higher, including P grades, will transfer from one UMS university to another. Grades will be recorded on the student’s transcript but not computed into the cumulative GPA.
    • Outside the University of Maine System. Credit earned with a C- or higher in courses from regionally accredited colleges/universities outside the UMS will be considered for transfer. Pass-fail courses taken outside the UMS must have “pass” defined as a C- or higher in order to transfer.
    • Generally, course grades do not transfer from one college/university to another.   Semester and cumulative GPA’s reflect only those courses taken at the home university. Students in cooperative degree programs should inquire about any exceptions that may apply.
    • Coursework defined as developmental by the university to which the student is transferring will not be awarded degree credit. Developmental courses are considered preparatory to college-level work, and will not count towards a degree.
    • Courses from colleges and universities outside the United States will be accepted for transfer consistent with established university policies and practices.
  3. Credit may be awarded for high school Advanced Placement (AP) exams, College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams, or college-level knowledge gained through life experience (e.g., prior learning, such as military or other training) when validated through the approved campus processes.
  4. Students with coursework from non-regionally accredited schools may inquire into the possibility of validating some or all of their learning through testing and/or approved university credit for prior learning processes. Students interested in this option should contact the university Transfer Officer for more information.
  5. If a student has concerns about the transfer evaluation, the student should contact the Transfer Officer at the receiving university. After such conferral, the student may appeal through the academic appeals process at the receiving university.
  6. Transfer students should consult the university’s catalog and/or meet with an appropriate advisor to determine requirements regarding the number and distribution of credits that must be completed at the university to earn the desired degree.
  7. Students must meet the established requirements of the academic program or college into which they are transferring. Transfer credits do not necessarily count towards these requirements.
  8. Students may also confer with the Transfer Officer and/or academic advisor regarding possible flexibility in the application of their credits to their program, through approved campus processes.
  9. Current UMS students who plan to take courses at another university, inside or outside of the UMS, are strongly encouraged to seek prior approval of their plans from the university where they are matriculated.

Prospective transfer students can check posted course equivalencies at the new Transfer Equivalency Facility.  No login is required to use the system.  The system is a work in progress and does not yet contain all the courses from all the institutions which UMM has reviewed.  Please contact UMM’s Transfer Officer if you have questions about courses or institutions which do not yet appear in this facility.

Guests can also use the new Transfer Portal on the University of Maine System website to see how courses they’ve taken at other colleges might transfer to degree programs at UMM.  The new facility allows users to indicate which college courses they’ve taken outside the UMaine System and lets the user select a degree program and run a degree audit which shows which requirements those transfer courses might satisfy.  Students at other UMS institutions can also use this facility by selecting “Evaluate My Transfer Credit” from the MaineStreet Self-Service menu.  Please contact the Registrar’s Office if you need any help using this system.

The University of Maine at Machias requires applicants hoping to receive college credit for work done at foreign institutions to submit their credentials to either World Educational Services in New York or the Centre for Educational Documentation in Boston.

World Education Services
Bowling Green Station
P.O. Box 5087
New York, NY 10274-5087

Tel : 212.966.6311
Fax: 212.739.6100

Center for Educational Documentation
P.O. Box 170116
Boston MA 02117

Tel:  617.338.7171
Fax: 617.338.7101

Original documents to UMM

Students need to have original transcripts from foreign educational institutions sent directly to UMM’s Admissions Office.

They also need to complete an application for credential evaluation and submit with copies of the requested documents and payment directly to one of the above agencies. Students should request a course-by-course evaluation. The credentialling agency will forward one copy of their evaluation directly to UMM and one to the student.

The Registrar’s Office will award appropriate transfer credit based on the report of the foreign credentialling agency.

The new UMS Transfer Guides allow you to:

  • select the Maine college/university you’re attending
  • select the UMS university you want to attend
  • select the program of study you’re interested in

and see how courses at your college/university will fit into the degree program you want to pursue.

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