Dean’s List

At the end of each semester a Dean’s List is compiled to recognize those students who have performed with distinction. Academic achievement in summer courses is not considered for inclusion in the list.

All matriculated and special students (e.g., Teacher Certification, UMS Away) are eligible if:

  • They have completed at least 6 or more credits graded on an A-F basis, excluding developmental courses, during the semester in question. Credits earned on a Pass/Fail basis and in developmental courses (numbered below 100) will not count toward the 6 credit hours;
  • They have achieved a semester average of 3.25 or better and have earned no grade below a C in any course that semester. The semester average for Dean’s List purposes will not include grades from developmental courses, nor grades from classes in sessions which end after the Regular Session;
  • They have no Incompletes or missing grades for that semester in courses which have ended by the end of the Regular Session, and they have not withdrawn from 6 or more credits during the term; and
  • Their academic performance is otherwise satisfactory.

The Dean’s List will be formulated 28 days after the end of finals week for that semester. Any final grades or grade changes submitted after that time will not affect a student’s Dean’s List status for that term.