Change of Program

It is not unusual for a student to be admitted to UMM for a particular academic program and later discover that a different program will better suit his or her needs and interests. Many students change their majors one or more times. Often it is advisable to enter as Undeclared major and explore various areas before deciding on a major.

MaineStreet Change of Program Form

The Change of Program form is now available in MaineStreet.

Select the following menu items beginning from the Main Menu:

Self-Service > Academic Records > Change my Major, Minor, Concentration

You’ll be presented with a page that will display your current major(s), concentration(s), minor(s).

  • To change an existing item, select the Add/Update button next to that item and select the new program from the drop-down provided.
  • To remove an existing item, select the Delete button next to that item.
  • To add an additional major, minor or concentration, select the Add/Update button next to a blank item in the appropriate section and make your selection from the drop-down provided.

Save your changes when you’re satisfied that the display reflects the set of major(s), concentration(s) and minor(s) you want.

Your advisor will be notified and asked to review your selections.  If your advisor approves, the Registrar’s Office will be notified and will update your record accordingly.

Please contact the Registrar’s Office at 255.1330 if you have questions about using the online form.


Most majors require a student to complete a concentration, as well as specified program and core requirements.


A minor is a secondary area of specialization and competence that further prepares a student for a career and/or graduate work. A minor can only be awarded at the same time a degree is awarded, and may not be added after the degree has been awarded.

Double Majors

Students may complete two different majors simultaneously with no additional credits beyond those required to satisfy both majors. These students will earn a single baccalaureate degree.The degree granted will be the degree associated with the student’s primary major.  All requirements for both the primary and secondary major must be completed at the time the degree is awarded.  Students may not select the Bachelor of College Studies degree as a double major.

Both majors will be noted on the transcript, worded according to the following example:  Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, with a second major in English, Creative Writing & Book Arts or Bachelor of Arts in English, Creative Writing & Book Arts with a second major in Secondary Education (depending upon which is designated the primary major).

Double Degrees

If a student has chosen to double major in programs which are associated with two different degrees and wishes to earn both a Bachelor of Arts and a Bachelor of Science degree, the student must earn 30 credits beyond the number required for the degree with the lesser number of credit hours, whether the student is completing the degrees simultaneously or consecutively.

To change majors, and/or declare a concentration or minor, students may use either: