Academic Appeal Procedures

First Level of Appeal

Appeals in all academic matters should be initiated by the student directly, in person, with the administrator, faculty member or staff member involved within 30 days of the incident or event in question. If the student is not satisfied with the results, he/she should consult immediately with his/her academic advisor.

Second Level of Appeal

The next level of appeal should be by the student and his/her academic advisor to the next superior of the administrator, faculty member, or staff member involved, and should be submitted in writing within ten days after the ruling on the initial appeal step.

Third Level of Appeal

The third level of appeal should be to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, unless he/she has already been involved at the level of the second step described above.

Fourth Level of Appeal

If the student is still not satisfied with the decision of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, he/she may, with the assistance of his/her academic advisor, request a hearing before the Academic Appeals Committee. At this point in the process, the question of whether the appeal is indeed of an “academic” nature shall be determined by the President, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the Dean of Students before the appeal shall be referred to the Academic Appeals Committee. If it is ruled not to be an “academic” matter, the appropriate appeal procedure shall be pointed out to the student and his/her advisor.

The Academic Appeals Committee shall consider all action taken on the appeal to this point and other matters that it deems pertinent to the case. It shall make a full report of this and a specific recommendation for final disposition by the President. As a part of its recommendation, the Academic Appeals Committee shall report the vote count within the committee on its recommendation.

Final Ruling

The President shall make the final ruling on the appeal.