WUMM Radio Expands Signal

Machias, Maine - The University of Maine at Machias is making noise from Milbridge to Eastport thanks to a recent upgrade to its campus radio station.

WUMM-FM 91.7, the student radio station at UMM, was recently upgraded with a 100 watt transmitter. The new transmitter gives the station the ability to broadcast within at least a 30 mile radius of campus.

The expansion was made possible with the support of UMM's Student Senate and their decision to pay for all of the expansion costs upfront in the fall of 2007. In addition to the new transmitter, WUMM received funding from the Maine Broadcasters Foundation to purchase new recording and production equipment. The new equipment will enable the station to be more flexible in program content and to pre-record interviews.

Established in 1997, WUMM has been broadcasting for nearly 12 years on a small one watt signal. Since its inception, the station has been a well kept secret that only campus residents were able to pick-up.

WUMM is an entirely student-run operation, funded by the Student Activity Fee Fund. Daniel Swain, a third-year history major from Canaan, Maine, serves as the station's general manager. In addition to Swain, there is an assistant manager and more than 20 students, faculty, and community members hosting radio shows on a weekly basis.

"With this upgrade, WUMM hopes to increase the connection between the University and the surrounding community," says Swain. "More than anything, the station will give the community an alternative format to listen to."

According to Swain, WUMM plays a wide range of music, from mainstream rock to local acoustic artists.

So, what's in the future for WUMM? The station hopes to begin broadcasting UMM Athletics and other events on campus. An after school program for students at Machias Memorial High School and Washington Academy, where they can learn about working in radio, is also being explored. In addition, the station will begin broadcasting public service announcements and bulletins of interest to the campus and community.

WUMM can be found on your radio dial at 91.7 FM. You can also listen live from anywhere in the world by visiting www.machias.edu/wumm. For more information about WUMM or if interested in hosting a show, call 255-1371 or e-mail wumm@maine.edu.

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