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The focus of WUMM is to serve the musical interests of UMM students through a broadcasting radio station. Students are able and encouraged to DJ their own show, in which they can spotlight their own musical tastes, or even host a radio talk show. WUMM also encourages everyone from faculty and staff, to citizens of Washington County, to become active in the station. WUMM also promotes campus and community organizations and events. When live shows are on the air, you'll hear everything from folk to electronica, to classic rock to jazz, and everything in between.

WUMM began with a leaky one-watt signal in the spring of 1997, with a listening range of just one mile from campus. In 2001 Internet streaming was added, which brought WUMM to anyone with an Internet connection. The latest change came in December of 2008, when the FCC granted WUMM a 100-watt license, which expanded the listening range to a 60-mile radius around campus- from Eastport to Milbridge to Route 9 in the north.

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WUMM's internet audio stream can be accessed with any media player that supports the shoutcast/icecast streaming format. Depending on your browser, you can click the link below and either download the stream link file, or open it directly with your media player.

Click here to listen to WUMM on your web browser.

Or click here to download an .m3u file that will allow you to listen to WUMM with a supported media player. (See below)

Some Shoutcast / Icecast capable desktop media players:

Contact Info: Call: 207.255.1371, email: wumm@maine.edu

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