We Had Some Fun!

FUN!UMM hosted its annual Winter Frost Concert on Feb 4 this year.... On the cusp of releasing their second album, "Some Nights", and a song featured on Glee and a Chevy commercial, UMM was lucky to host the band Fun! The show was great and full of energy with everyone dancing to bring in the end of the night! The opener was singer/ songwriter Jess Penner from LA, whose new band, We Cry Diamonds, had a song featured on ABC's show Jane by Design! If you have suggestions or ideas for future shows, please contact us at ummcampusactivities@maine.edu!

"The Winter Frost concert was a great success. I loved the excitement of the crowd when the band came to perform. There was a quite a bit of energy before and after the concert and the encore was the best part. Everyone came down to the front of the stage, both college students as well as the high schoolers. We all cheered for more fun. And more fun we got!"

– UMM student


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