Student Criteria for Course Participation

  1. Enrollment in any UMM academic program as outlined in the college catalog.
  2. Student has successfully completed at least 24 credit hours of academic study.
  3. Student is responsible for obtaining a position in a qualified training station.
  4. Student must secure a faculty sponsor who is familiar with the area/discipline of the proposed co-op. The faculty sponsor must approve the learning objectives.
  5. Student must complete and submit to the Co-op/Career Development Office an application form, an advisor recommendation and faculty sponsor form, approved learning objectives and work agreement form, and a personal resume.
  6. The student must assume responsibility for proper course registration.
  7. Students receiving financial aid for credits and charges DO NOT QUALIFY for federal work-study funds for the hours worked toward the co-op. Eligibility MUST be verified through the Financial Aid Office.
  8. The student is responsible for full compliance with the requirements of the cooperative education program.
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