What's Next?

Moving In

New students are allowed to move in several days prior to the beginning of classes. It’s important to check out what you can bring to campus—and also what your roommate will be bringing to ensure that everything fits into your room. Click here for more information on what to bring.

Athletics Pre-season

Student-athletes who are participating in fall sports (soccer and volleyball) should plan to arrive on campus in mid-August. Typically athletes practice three times a day and meals are included. Bring paperwork verifying that you have had a complete physical examination and are able to fully participate. Contact Michael May, UMM’s Athletics Director, at 207-255-1290 or michael.j.may@maine.edu for more information.

Placement Testing

Many students will complete placement tests in either writing or mathematics. The results will assist us in placing you in the courses most useful for your educational goals. Placement tests may be completed during June Weekend, at Fall Orientation, or through an individually scheduled session.

Registration for Classes

Your Student Success Advisor, see the Advising Center (www.machias.edu/advising) if you are not sure who your Advisor is, is here to help you in the selection of your first-semester courses. You can complete your selection of courses at the June Welcome, over the phone, or in person at any time prior to the start of fall semester.  You should contact your advisor at your earliest convenience to discuss which option will work best for you.  If you are totally unsure of who to talk to, just call the Advising Center at 207-255-1470 - we're here to help!

Financial Aid

We encourage students meeting federal eligibility requirements to apply for federal student aid as soon as possible, regardless of your income status. UMM also uses the FAFSA to determine eligibility for University need-based grants, which may be available even if your estimated family contribution is too high to qualify you for federal funds. Other UMM awards and scholarships are offered based on criteria such as academic achievement, athletics participation, or housing arrangements. Financial aid award letters start going out in March, for students who have completed the FAFSA. Visit Paying for College to learn more.

Student Billing

Student bills are mailed in mid-July and should be paid by mid-August. You will receive a copy of the fees and financial policies and payment plan information with your bill. Any financial aid disbursed by that time will be shown on the bill. The status of your bill will be available online in our Student Financials System. Contact the UMM First Stop at 207-255-1470, or the Business Office at 207-255-1312, if you have questions or need assistance.

Student Support

UMM provides a wide range of student support, beginning with your transition to college life, to help you make the most of the opportunities and challenges of higher education. We will send you information on services such as academic advising and assistance with accommodations. During the June Welcome, you will learn more about services such as free tutoring support, career planning, and academic success workshops. Visit Student Support Services to learn more.

Clipper Card

The Clipper Card serves as the official University of Maine at Machias identification card and also provides an array of services, access to privileges, and purchasing functions. The Clipper Card provides for safe and convenient on-campus purchases. Deposited funds, known as “Clipper Bucks,” are prepaid and linked to your Clipper Card. Currently “Clipper Bucks” can be used to purchase food at the Galley and Kilburn Commons, and also for printing privileges. Coming soon, you’ll also be able to use your “Clipper Bucks” at Murdock Bookstore and for laundry in the residence halls.


UMM offers several meal plan options to meet your unique lifestyle. All students living in the residence halls must select a meal plan. You choose how many all-you-care-to-eat breakfast/lunch/dinner meals per week you want to include in your plan. Meals are served in the Galley (breakfast) and Kilburn Commons (lunch and dinner). We also have meal plans designed specifically for commuter students. Visit Dining Services to learn more.

Campus Security

True to its rural nature, the Town of Machias and the UMM campus are quiet and safe. Campus Security has three full-time officers covering day and evening hours, which is unusual for a campus of our small size. If you get locked out of your car or it simply won’t start, you know who to call!

Parking Permits

Students are allowed to bring vehicles to campus, but vehicles must be registered with Campus Security. When you register your vehicle, you will receive a copy of the UMM Parking Guidelines. There is no charge for vehicle registration.

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