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Washington County Consortium for School Improvement (WCCSI)
27A Kimball Hall
University of Maine at Machias
9 O’Brien Ave.
Machias, Maine 04654


  • Leigh Alley, Executive Director – 255-1219 or 255-1440
  • Kay Richmond, Admin. Assistant - 255-1295

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Washington County Consortium for School Improvement

“Working Together to Improve Education”

Kaufman Workshop - From Brain to Paper - March 21 & 22

April 10:  Transition to Kindergarten 

April 26:  Autism & IEP's with Dr. Anita Charles - flyer

April 26: Registration for Dr. Charles' workshop


About Us

The Washington County Consortium for School Improvement is a partnership of the school districts of Washington County, the University of Maine at Machias and the Washington County Community College. It was founded by the Superintendents of Schools in 1994 with the goal of helping to improve the schools in the county. It is designed to support the learning of educators and their students, including those with special needs.


  • To improve education for all students, especially to increase literacy and technological skills across the curriculum
  • To prepare students for post-secondary education and careers


The Washington County Consortium for School Improvement's objectives were decided upon by those who did a feasibility study and include:

  • Building a capacity for inquiry and change in local schools;
  • Building a capacity for short-and-long range planning for change in local schools especially as it impacts students learning in the basic core subjects;
  • Connecting local schools with existing resources that will help with change and develop new resources;
  • Arranging for trainings of teachers and administrators;
  • Building a capacity for networking within the county and outside the county;
  • Disseminating information about change efforts throughout the county;
  • and; over time, developing the consortium into a partnership with other local, state, and national resources.

Grants Administered by the Consortium include:

Washington County Schools

AOS 77

  • Alexander Elementary
  • Calais Elementary
  • Calais Middle School
  • Calais High School
  • Charlotte Elementary
  • Eastport Elementary
  • Lubec Consolidated
  • Pembroke Elementary
  • Perry Elementary
  • Robbinston Grade School
  • Shead High School

AOS 90

  • Princeton Elementary
  • Woodland Elementary
  • Woodland Junior/Senior High

AOS 96

  • Bay Ridge Elementary
  • Elm Street School
  • Fort O'Brien Elementary
  • Jonesboro Elementary
  • Machias High School
  • Rose M. Gaffney School
  • Wesley Elementary
  • Whiting Village School

SAD #37

  • Cherryfield Elementary
  • Daniel W. Merritt
  • Harrington Elementary
  • Milbridge Elementary
  • Narraguagus High School


  • Beals Elementary
  • Jonesport Elementary
  • Jonesport/Beals High School


  • Beatrice Rafferty School
  • Indian Township School


  • Edmunds Consolidated


  • Washington Academy
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