Summer 2014 at UMM

UMM is offering the following selection of one-week, intensive courses for students, as well as small "sampler" workshops hosted by UMM faculty members.

Intensive Courses

Contact the Registrar's Office for Additional Information

ART 216 Book Arts I

Revel in UMM’s unique coastal location and explore the exhibits of the Book Arts Gallery as you seek inspiration for making your own handcrafted books. You will acquire aesthetic appreciation and develop skills in constructing one-of-a-kind books that will last a lifetime. (August 4-August 9, 3 cr.)

Professor Bernie Vinzani is a skilled craftsman of all aspects of the book arts. His work has been exhibited internationally and featured in a variety of papermaking and book arts publications.

Bernie Vinzani

ART 217 Papermaking

Learn the art of handcrafted papermaking while enjoying a week in Downeast Maine. You will collect and process coastal Maine’s natural materials—flowers, grasses, and seaweeds—to make distinctive samples of paper to treasure or to share. (July 21-July 26, 3 cr.)

A master papermaker with an international reputation for fine, handmade paper, Professor Bernie Vinzani’s infectious joy in the art of papermaking inspires students in the Book Arts program at UMM.

ENG 371 Memoir Writing

Even the ordinary moments of life tell a story. Learn from an award-winning writer how to craft your own experiences into the beginnings of a personal

memoir. The course is for anyone who wants to write a family history and leave behind a meaningful legacy. The pace of the course allows for time to explore the region as you write and remember. (July 21-August 1, 3 cr. )

Allagash native, Cathie Pelletier is a prolific author with a dozen novels under her own name and two others under her pseudonym, K. C. McKinnon. Her works have been made into films, and translated into multiple languages. She’s also written several songs, and knows well how to translate the stuff of everyday life into stories that people want to read.

Students Pointing and LookingENV 105 Trees and Wildflowers of Maine

Spend a week in the woods and fields of coastal Maine seeking out the expected and the rare. You will explore the region’s unusual biodiversity as you hone your observational skills, using your new abilities in plant identification to contribute to scientific research as a citizen scientist. (August 4-August 9, 3 cr.)

Get your feet wet with Dr. Eric Jones, a plant biologist with a zest for field exploration. He also serves as curator for UMM’s herbarium.

REM 206 Sea Kayaking

Spend a week this summer kayaking along Maine’s coastal waterways. You will learn the basics of sea kayaking, and develop vital skills as you explore the rugged coast of Maine from the vantage point of the water. (July 28-August 2, 3 cr.)

An experienced kayaker who teaches in UMM’s Environmental Recreation and Tourism Management program, Dr. Andrea Ednie’s passion for outdoor adventure is buoyed by her respect for the environment.

UMM Sampler Workshops

Contact Kay Kimball at (207) 255-1342 for additional information

Papermaking Workshop

(Sunday, July 20)

Spend the day with master papermaker, Bernie Vinzani, and learn the basics of making your own handcrafted paper.

Pricing Options:

  • Housing and three meals: $150
  • No Housing and one meal: $75

Students Canoeing

Coastal Canoeing

(Sunday, July 27)

Explore Downeast Maine by canoe on a daylong trip with UMM professor and skilled paddler, Dr. Karen Beeftink.

Pricing Options:

  • Housing and three meals: $150
  • No Housing and one meal: $75

Into the Woods

(Sunday August 3)

Venture into the Maine woods for an afternoon with botanist, Dr. Eric Jones, an outdoor enthusiast with stories to tell.

Pricing Options:

  • Housing and three meals: $100
  • No Housing and one meal: $50


Expedition by Kayak

(Friday, August 8)

Discover coastal Maine from the water’s edge by spending the day with recreation specialist and experienced Maine guide, Dr. Andrea Ednie.

Pricing Options:

  • Housing and three meals: $150
  • No Housing and one meal: $75
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