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Added on: December 19, 2012

Reason Magazine Selects Julia and the Illuminated Baron for Best Books of 2012

Julia and the Illuminated BaronMACHIAS, Maine – Reason magazine's roundup of the best books from 2012 includes a recent publication by the Library of Early Maine Literature, an imprint of the University of Maine at Machias Press. The book is called Julia and the Illuminated Baron, and it is the first gothic novel written by a woman in the United States. The book was out of print for 212 years until the UMM Press released the novel, fully edited and annotated, last summer.

On the critical edition of Julia and the Illuminated Baron, Jesse Walker, a senior editor at Reason, has the following to say:

“Before this edition appeared, the only version of Julia that I could find was a barely legible scan of the original edition, made still less legible by the quirks of 18th-century spelling and by a host of typesetting errors. The Library of Early Maine Literature released this much more readable volume because of its local significance—it appears to be the first novel written in Maine—but the book is just as notable as one of the first appearances the infamous super-cabal ever made in American pop culture. Every artist who has alluded to the Illuminati since then, from Tupac Shakur to Robert Anton Wilson, has Wood's creaky tale in his family tree.”

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