UMM Campus Trees

Shannon Cressman & Meg Begly, Fall 2008

Our final project consisted of mapping out the trees on UMM campus to figure out how many, and what type of individuals are found on our campus (not including the forest that borders the campus). Our client, Dr. Alan Lewis, is the caretaker of the vegetation on campus, and he was curious to know what trees we had and what health condition they were in. We used a GPS unit to record coordinates of each tree and keyed out the type using a Peterson Field Guide on Trees and Shrubs. Done in the winter, it was difficult to figure out what tree we were identifying because many deciduous trees were lacking leaves. Also, due to weather conditions our coordinates could be skewed from cloud cover. We were able to successfully identify 332 individuals on campus. While taking coordinates of the trees, we also recorded the health of the individuals on the basis of 1 = healthy, 2 = unhealthy (fungus or tumors), 3 = needs to be removed, 4 = biohazard zone. We decided to designate the area in front of Kilburn Commons the biohazard zone due to irresponsible dumping of bodily fluids.

Click the maps to download high resolution versions in PDF format.

UMM Campus Trees

UMM Campus Tree Health


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