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Annual Ultra-Short Competition

For general information on the Ultra-Short Competition, please scroll to the bollom of the page.

The Binnacle is proud to announce the winners and honorees in its Eleventh Annual International Ultra-Short Competition.  From over 950 submissions the following entrees were chosen as the best Ultra-Shorts for 2014.

Prize Winners*
Alysson B. Parker – Hazard Lights
~First-Place Prize - Poetry

Kathleen Clauson – Watercolors
~First-Place Prize - Prose

Lynn Bey – The Anxiety of Influence
~First-Place Prize - Prose

Diane Smith – Twilight at Gettysburg
~First-Place Prize - Poetry

Cheyenne Robinson – As Told by Latex
~First-Place Prize – UMM Student

*Please note that the first-place prizes for Prose and Poetry were judged to be equal in merit.  The placement of one work before another was decided arbitrarily.

Honorable Mentions
Katherine Adlam – The Tea Party
DeVonna R. Allison – The Encounter
Bill Bibo Jr – Sharing the South Pole with Sir Edmund Hillary
Evan Guilford-Blake – Atwater’s Petunias
Gabriella Brand – Empty Forks
Sarah Carleton – Car Trouble
Lisa Ricard Claro – Stubborn Ain’t Good
Charlie Coleman – Jezebel
Ros Collins – Escaping
SuzAnne C. Cole – Animal Dreams
Jeffrey Cooper – Stargazer
Dianne Dancy – Vagabond
William Davoll – Revenge is better served…
K. S. Dearsley – Reflections
Christina Wos Donnelly – Postcard
Jann Everard – I Run
Sophie Fern – Flavor
Andy Fogle – My Father Calls During My Daughter’s Bath
Jennifer Freed – Distance
Joyce Frohn – Pink And Fluffy?
Shazla Ghaffoor – A Special Performance
William Locke Hauser – Those Beautiful Legs
Debbie Okun Hill – Paper Clipped
Elizabeth Hopkinson – Prelude and Fugue
HC Hsu – Recipe
Jules Jacob – From Point A to Possibility
Jennifer Ruth Jackson – Beginning
Linda Kennedy – The Vampire Mermaids of Moreton-on-the-Marsh
Rebecca Kleinberg – Blind Date
James A. Knoop – What You See Is What You...
Meg Eden Kuyatt – The Lighthouse
Alexis Hope Lerner – The Backstory
Clyde Liffey – At 79
Clare Marsh – The Iron Lady
Day Merrill – Awakening
Caroline Michalicki – The Heat’s On
Ellen Birkett Morris – Perfect Cakes
Rebecca Muchow – Win, Lose, or Draw
Michael M. Pacheco – Sonoran Cuisine
Jonathan Pinnock – 99942 Apophis
Edward Schultz – DNR
Shannon Schuren – Newspaper Life
Miranda Stone – Dangers in the Home
JC Sullivan – Waves of Confusion
Anne Thompson – Threads
Jari Thymian – Learning to Fish
Caroline Todd – Something Unsightly
Paul Weidknecht – Dining in France
Gary Winters – pep talk
Irene Gu – Halloween Story

General Information on the Annual Ultra-Short Competition

The Binnacle will sponsor its Twelfth International Ultra-Short Competition in the 2014-2015 academic year.   We are looking for prose works of 150 words or fewer and poetry of sixteen lines or fewer and fewer than 150 words.  All works should have a narrative element to them.

All submissions should be made via email to We prefer that you send your entry both in the body of your e-mail and as an attachment in a .doc, .txt, .odt, or .rtf file (.rtf preferred).

A minimum of $300 in cash prizes will be awarded, with a minimum prize of $50. At least one of the prizes will go to a UMM student.

Please submit no more than two works total, prose and/or poetry.

When you submit your work, please be sure to include your postal address as well as a thirty-five to fifty word self-description.

There is no submission fee. Submissions will be accepted beginning on December 1, 2014. The deadline for submissions will be March 15, 2015.  Notifications will be made in the latter half of May, 2014.  Publication date will be May, 2015, but printing may not be completed until October, 2015 (maybe later). Awards will be made at the time of publication.

Because of the volume of submissions, we are not always able to send notifications to all works that have not made the cut. To gain news about the winners and those who will be included in the edition, please keep checking our website. Look especially on the Updates page. The fact that you may not receive a rejection notification is no reflection on the quality of your work. The large majority of what we receive is well worth publishing, and we are thankful for you sharing it with us.

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