The Nelly Butler Hauntings:
A Documentary History

Edited by Marcus LiBrizzi and Dennis Boyd

Picture of the Nelly Butler Hauntings

The history of the most famous haunting in Early America, this is the tale of the Nelly Butler apparition, who appeared to more than one hundred individuals on the coast of Maine in 1799-1800.  While the ghost is considered the most convincing apparition ever recorded, no other haunting created such a storm of controversy, sparking accusations of fraud, witchcraft, and demonism.  For the apparition known as Nelly Butler orchestrated a marriage, a death, and a sensation unmatched to the present day.  The hauntings remain one of the great mysteries of history.

Text contains accounts from eye-witnesses, letters by Abraham Cummings, a map as well as other supporting materials, and a critical introduction by Marcus LiBrizzi.

Library of Early Maine Literature, 2010
146 pages.
9 x 6 x 0.4 inches
ISBN: 978-0-615-39496-1
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