Policy & Procedure Manual
DATE: 3/01, 03/07
SUBJECT: Technology Advisory Committee



I.  Charge


Serve as the advisory board for the ongoing systematic development and advancement

 of academic and administrative computing resources in the context of the overall institutional

 planning process.


A.  Assist in the ongoing development of broad policies regarding the effective, efficient,

         appropriate, and equitable use of technology resources.


B.  Serve as the advisory board for technological developments and policy for campus



C.  Represent faculty, student, and administrative interests in development of academic

         and administrative technology.


D.  Advise the president and provost, or their designate, on the development, continuous

         improvement, and operations of technology resources and services.



II.  Membership


A.  Committee members are appointed by the president, typically for a three-year term.

        Returning to the committee for a subsequent term is permissible only following a hiatus

         of at least two academic years.  (As a permanent voting member of the committee, the

         manager of computer services shall be the only exception to this policy.)


B.  The Committee voting membership shall include faculty representatives from each

         division, one professional staff representative, one classified staff representative, one

         student, and the manager of computer services.


C.  Ex-officio, non-voting members shall include the president, provost, full-time IT staff

         members, and others as appointed by the president.


D.  The chair of the committee is appointed by the president annually and is typically a member

         of the faculty who is not directly involved in the day-to-day technology operations.


E.  In consultation with the computer services manager, the chair is responsible for scheduling

         meetings, building agendas and distributing them at least one week in advance, and running




III.  Meetings and Records


A.  The committee shall meet at least three times per academic semester, fall and spring.

        Additional meetings shall be called as deemed necessary by the committee chair, the

         manager of computer services, or the provost.


B.  The computer services manager shall be responsible for maintaining all records and

         correspondence of the committee, as well as ensuring that accurate minutes are

         maintained of all meetings and actions of the committee.


C.  A quorum for purposes of conducting business shall be fifty percent of the voting











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