Stone Island Press

STONE ISLAND PRESS was founded in 2006 as an imprint of contemporary Maine poetry and fiction published by the University of Maine at Machias Press in limited editions involving handmade paper and fine letterpress printing.

The Book Arts Studio at UMMWorks published by Stone Island Press include the following titles:

  • Child by Dick Miles
  • The Work at Hand by Leonore Hildebrandt
  • Still Lifes by Hillary Savage
  • Sublime Vendetta—Odd Poems by Duane Ingalls
  • Coming SoonThey Who Walk There

Stone Island Press makes use of the Book Arts Studio located in Dorward Hall at the University of Maine at Machias. This facility includes a Vandercook #4, a Vandercook Universal, a C&P Old Style press, and etching and lithography presses. Stone Island Press also has access to a hand papermaking facility, including a Reina Hollander Beater and a 22"x30" hydraulic papermaking press. The English, Creative Writing, and Book Arts Program at the University of Maine at Machias oversees Stone Island Press.

Stone Island Press hosts courses and workshops in book arts and fine letterpress printing.

At this time, Stone Island Press is not accepting submissions from prospective authors/bookmakers.